View Full Version : Any One whant a lift to the next leon paul series

Barry Paul
-9th July 2003, 21:42
I cannot help but why don't you enter information on the forum. Offers of lifts or request for a lift might save money.
Barry Paul MD Leon Paul
(please note such arrangement must be made by official guardians/parents on no account must junior fencers make arrangements without permission.)

-9th July 2003, 22:22
Npt a bad idea, boss. S'pose I'll end up doing it for our lot - but it MUST all be organised by adults, please -and carefully........

Barry Paul
-10th July 2003, 06:52
MUST BE ORGANISED BY ADULTS absolutly. Can any one suggest a format easy way of posting requests? Barry Paul

-10th July 2003, 23:14
will think about it and poss have a word with you this weekend.