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-9th October 2005, 12:36
I note that it says "not available outside the US" on the site. Has anyone tested whether this is rigorously enforced. Seems a bit backward to me.

-9th October 2005, 16:02
if anyone does get it working, you can record using:


-19th October 2005, 23:54
Finally got to watch the WCSN.com coverage tonight.

Very good it was too. IMHO better than Eurosport. The commentators talk over the action a little to much, but the chit chat at least made it sound interesting. Better than the old Jame Chambers "..and here we have epee the dueling sword, must hit with with enough pressure to draw blood" for the nth year running.

WCSN.com is backed by the MLB (Major League Baseball) people, so their technology was top notch. No lag in the streaming at all.

Shame they are so anal about stopping people from outside the US watching it over the internet, and almost impossible to record.

-20th October 2005, 07:31
Originally posted by ChubbyHubby
and almost impossible to record.

Almost? So when are the ChubbyHubby Brand DVDs available?

-20th October 2005, 08:48
Originally posted by doobarz
Almost? So when are the ChubbyHubby Brand DVDs available?

Well, they seem to have some smart redirection thing going on.

The actual URL to the file is hidden under four layers of frames/server side redirection/javascript/asf and has an authentication code that is only valid for about 90 seconds (ie. after 90 seconds you can't cut and paste it into Windows Media Player)

I can view the stream, I can record the stream but all I get is a "test card" screen and one time it when I viewed the recorded file, it was an episode of "the muppets" (seriously!) :dizzy:

It is actually easier viewing the archive streamed as you can fwd/rwd etc with a small lag for buffering. So almost as good as a recorded file on your HDD.