View Full Version : Linda Strachan Commentated WF Team Final (WCSN)

Boo Boo
-13th October 2005, 17:57
Apparently Linda Strachan commentated the WF Team Final (South Korea beating Romainia 20:19 on extra time, I believe) on the WCSN live feed. According to my American friend, who watched the live feed, Linda did a really confident job.


Foilling Around
-13th October 2005, 21:43
It must take some doing to commentate on a final that goes to 20:19 over 9 fights. Sounds like the skills of a cricket commentaor to me filling in long gaps of inactivity

-14th October 2005, 08:51
I find it ironic that we have now had 2 (yes 2!) British commentators and yet there is not [easy to get footage].

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