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-10th July 2003, 13:21
It has come to my attention that some people have been offended by posts by other board members and that some people have started to regularly post .... extremely off topic.

Off topic is fine just don't take it out of the realms of deceny.

If you are looking for a chat medium may I suggest an alternative like MSN messenger, AIM or ICQ.

For the members of this board, if you find yourselves regularly annoyed or offended by a members posting may I suggest that you add the offenders to your Ignore List. The offenders posts will still appear in the thread however the content will be blanked out. To do this:

Click on 'Profile' below the person who you want to ignore.
Their profile will appear on screen.
Click on 'Add this user to your ignore list'.

Job's a good 'un.

-10th July 2003, 13:44
Gav, how about giving ppl a yellow card when this happens - 3 yellow cards and you get deleted

that way everyone knows where they stand

-10th July 2003, 14:09
Nice idea - I'll bring it to the other moderators attention.

How about a black card instead - seems more relevant fencing wise.

Deleting people, when the board is free, may only have limited success hence the ignore list.

-10th July 2003, 15:07
Sounds good gav go for it.

-10th July 2003, 16:38
OK so here's the deal,

one offence - yellow card
two offences - Red card
Three Offences - Black Card and deleted from the board.

Only Moderators should hand out the cautions.

I know the cards thing is a bit cheesy but it keeps this relevant to fencing.

-10th July 2003, 23:28
Sounds interesting to me, Gav, but who decides what constitutes an offence? Obviously a moderator does the handing out of penalties, but seriously, what will an offence be?? Just one person offended, or a moderator making the ultimate decision on a post being refered? Seriously interested....

Barry Paul
-11th July 2003, 07:36
Any way of just moving off topic postings to a Chat section so the offending posters can continue on their own. Deleting does tend to get some of the forum visitors a bit upity. Barry Paul

PLease Please get me a forum spell checker, my reputation is fading fast. (I do know how to spell Flick or want it was late at night and for some reason this program will not let me go back correct main headings. Gav can you do it?)

-11th July 2003, 08:53
Moving a topic that has no relevance (and has never had any) to that section should be moved to the Chat forum. But moving topics that have strayed severely off-course would cause annoyance to those that use the board for information on that subject.

The carding is a great idea.

I second Barry's spell check suggestion; you get so used to using it in Word and Outlook! ;)

-11th July 2003, 08:57
Originally posted by PM1
Sounds interesting to me, Gav, but who decides what constitutes an offence? Obviously a moderator does the handing out of penalties, but seriously, what will an offence be?? Just one person offended, or a moderator making the ultimate decision on a post being refered? Seriously interested....

Understand your point, but (and I'm exagerating to make the point) I don't think we need a constitution and appeals process- just moderators practising common sense

I'd say the handing of cards would be rare - it just prevents non-fencing discussions, and some of the farcical, multi-quote, unreadable arguements that happen on fencing.net

Only remaining question is whether the cards are given on the board or thru PM

ps agree with clockity re: moving threads

-11th July 2003, 09:37
Moving bad posts from threads is a good idea in theory however it's fraught with difficulty. The chat board is web front end to a database and the threads and posts are stored within it. To move the posts from a affected thread to a new thread in another section would require some database work [as I understand the structure of these bulletin boards]. Basically it would be a pain.

You could move whole threads - that's a reserved administrator option - but that doesn't solve the problem of inappropriately submitted posts.

I favour the "appeal to common sense" approach. If folks want to chat please take it to a chat room, if you want to post on a thread here then please use some common:

Don't post abusive language or language that is likely to offend.
Off topic is fine [we all wander off topic], within limits, but if you want to post about a wildly different topic then create a suitable new thread.
Respect each other. There are other places to go if you want to be disrespectful.
'Banter' is fine - we are here it have fun after all.

Deleting users only has a limited affect. Providing warnings will hopefully provide a check without having to resort to

Unfortunately we live in a world with 5 billion people on it. We are bound to come across a few people who are unable to utilise common sense.

-11th July 2003, 10:42

Have a look at this thread:


-12th July 2003, 15:02
I think the card idea is a good one, I just hope you don't give me one! I don't think I'm that off-topic, but I know I can be. :upset: I have to say Gav, I love your image thingy (still haven't mastered the terminology), I think it's fab! :)

-13th July 2003, 20:41
Gav - had a think about your suggestion, and a chat with Barry on Saturday. I'm very happy to go with the idea of carding and it's the thread modirator(s) who make the decision whether to card or not. Deletion is not a sound idea to me. If you can shift a thread that shouldn't be in the area it has been put, please do, tho' it doesn't happen too often, I think.;) ;)


-13th July 2003, 23:28
Threads can be shifted but since being made a moderator I haven't done it.

I believe in the light touch and would only resort to using the administrator functions that I have if I were pushed, There are still a couple of threads in the 2nd hand section that I could move, if people wanted me to, but I have to say that the offender has stopped and behaved better since.

If you guys want a bit of tidying up done let the moderators know - make it official and all that.

PM1 thanks for chatting to Barry. I was at the nationals but every time I went to speak to someone from LP they were too busy. I left them to deal with their customers and by the time that I remembered to go back they had closed up. I'll be at Essex, I believe that LP sponsor it - so I'll definitely be over to chat to whichever Paul clan member is present. And like you I think that account termination is perhaps not the best way to go. I consider it the last resort.

Flaxen_Renegade: The image thingy is an avatar. Nice to hear that you like it. It's a pic of me from the office party last christmas.

-14th July 2003, 12:02
When you start carding, please can someone write a list of guidelines so that we know what is and isn't acceptable? i.e. is replying to an off topic posting acceptable...?

-1st September 2003, 08:38
Due to some complaints that I have received I have made this thread a sticky.

Cheetara: I only removed you smiley's in case people regularly rererred to this thread - too many pictures can make a page too slow for some.