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-29th October 2005, 17:27
Hi to all you Uni types reading, you may or may not know that every year Warwick University runs National Novices, a competition for uni students who have been fencing for less than two years. It's for guys and gals, foil only. I'm posting here for anyone who doesn't know about it, but thinks their uni club might be interested. It's on Saturday 12th November (sorry about the short notice, but there's still time!), at the University, and is always good fun :) .

If you want some more information (particularly as I'm sure my poor addled brain has forgotten something of basic importance here), please e-mail the club at fencing@sunion.warwick.ac.uk , and we'll get back to you. Basically though, Warwick Uni, Nov 12th, for any Uni students with less than 2 years experience.

Warwick Uni Novice Captain

Oh, and I thought it was better to post here rather than the competitions thread, as this is for Uni's only??!