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-12th July 2003, 17:45
Has anyone heard of an American company that produces fencing uniform called "Champion"?
I saw their brand offered at eurofencing.it, and they were very expensive, in fact the most expensive
I've ever encountered.
Has anyone used or know of them? I couldn't find a link on the net. Are they worth the dough?
eurofencing is a serious logo they sponsor Vanni if I'm not mistaken.

-20th July 2003, 23:59
we saw some fencing clothing and masks by Champion at the comp in Pisa in February, but didn't pick up a catalogue as it was in Italian. Sorry - don't know how to contact them ;) ;)

-21st July 2003, 19:53
This is not "official" by any means but a combination of what I have heard and a few guesses, so take it with salt and all that.

Champion is a huge sportswear provider here in the states. Mainly warm up kit, shirts, socks, and sport equipment. They are not actively marketing their gear in the states. I understand they are going to test market in Europe. Having their gear worn by fencers and other athletes is a sort of free publicity and can only help for them breaking into the Euro market for their actual bread and butter items.

The impression I get is that it is not really designed to be sold as a serious alternative to LP or other kit, and that is why the price is so high. Instead it is given out to "sponsored" clubs and fencers. That way they can say we sell it on the market for X and claim the inflated price in various tax right offs and such.

As I understand it all of their gear is private labeled such like the Adidas kit is. I also think the Champion kit is made by Uhlmann/All-star, but I am by no means sure.

I doubt that was much help, but there it is for what its worth! Good luck finding additional info. I would be very interested in anything else that you learn!


-22nd July 2003, 07:39
It seems to go along with the info I got on them, seeing as the only place they get sold is in the private company that is sponsoring mainly Itaian clubs and that is based in Pisa. They're gear is double the price of a Negrini/Uhlmann/Allstar kit.
I haven't been able to get a web site with them so it's probably true...