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-14th November 2005, 12:57
Hi All,

I know it was only yesterday, but does anyone know the results from the competion yesterday @ Cambridge ?????


-14th November 2005, 13:49
Ok for some reason my computer did not save the u15 results but the series results are now up for U9 U11 U13.

-14th November 2005, 13:54
Some of them!

U13 Girls
1 Olivia Adebo
2 Caitlin Chang

U13 Boys
1 Tom Allen
2 Alec Markawitch (spell)
3 Jamie albert
3 ????? Boyes ??

U 11 boys
1 George Hendrie

U15 boys
1 James Davis
2 Tom Hendrie

i know I am right with the U13s and the U 11 boys not 100% sure about the rest

-14th November 2005, 14:07
WOW that was quick!!
May I also add my thanks for a great comp and a great series. this is our 3rd year an dwe always enjoy them.
I thought that the fire alarm yesterday really added to the atmosphere:grin:
i look forward to being able to spend some more money next year when we hopefully will get the LP stand back!!

-15th November 2005, 23:08
Glad to see the results service has improved under KK's guidance.

Had a nasty turn when I say my star U11 pupil had not made the last 20!

Turns out he was late and could only enter the U15s where he came 14th.....

At training tonight 20 press ups for being late though....only kidding ;) I'd never do that to my pupils :rolleyes:

-17th November 2005, 21:30
sorry,but i can only see the rankings after durham,not cambridge am i being a bit thick?or are they somewhere else? also does anyone else know the rest of the u11 boys results?
great day, thanks to all.

-18th November 2005, 06:56
Look at the rankings and you will see the results for all the comps the actuall competion results have not been updated. You will need to work out the placings from the points.

-18th November 2005, 07:29
They are all on now.