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-17th November 2005, 12:36
Any chance of adding a "home" link to the bottom of each screen in the forum to save scrolling to the top of the page?

-17th November 2005, 14:42
On the keyboard, press Ctrl-Home (hold down the Ctrl key and while holding it press the "Home" key)

-17th November 2005, 18:14
That's better: it takes me to the top of the page, although that's not quite the same as the home page.

-25th November 2005, 08:44
no need to press Ctrl + Home, it goes to the top of the page fine (with me anyway!) if you just press Home! :grin:

-9th December 2005, 15:21
ah you want to get to the home page...now I get it...I don't know you'll have to ask the mods nicely and see if they'll add one..it's a good idea. :grin: