View Full Version : RGU type people - question

-18th November 2005, 11:24
Looking at the RGU website there seems to be a lot of different types of membership and stuff for the gym/sports facilities. How much does it actually cost to use the gym and stuff?

Also when I get my RGU student card will I be elegible to join RGU fencing club (and how much will that cost)?

-18th November 2005, 14:12
Not at RGU, im an Aberdeen Uni man myself. I dont know what the deal with the gym is or RGU club but they kinda run along side with aberdeen city fencing club (pretty much run by the same people). The aberdeen city fencing club is open to everyone and charges 10 per term i.e Sep-Dec, Dec-Jun, and Jun-Sep plus you also have to pay 2 every night.

If you PM miker he may be able to tell you a bit more.