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-22nd November 2005, 15:26
Does any one have the results or know if and where they have been uploaded?

-23rd November 2005, 10:00
Originally posted by Tubby
Does any one have the results or know if and where they have been uploaded?

Some of us need to know in order to decide whether to trail down to Whitgift or not to defend overall placings . . .

Cymru Fach
-25th November 2005, 15:05
Has anyone got the results from Bath please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:fencingsm :blablabla

-28th November 2005, 14:55
I have called and left 2 messages. I will try again now.
Here is the Bath sabre results but that wont help you much.

Stephen Chivers
-28th November 2005, 16:49
Top marks for posting the Bath LPJS Sabre results so quickly - much appreciated!

-28th November 2005, 17:03
Any chance of updated sabre rankings - or do I have a cache issue???

Stephen Chivers
-29th November 2005, 07:45
It's not a cache issue but if it's of any use to you I can e-mail my own ranking list for the Boys U15 Sabre which is up to date. Unfortunately, that's the only series that I've an interest in but with all eight individual competition results available on the LP website it won't take you too long to extract the data for whichever series you need.

-29th November 2005, 08:31
Norman Golding has said I will get the results for the Bath Epee today or tomorrow. Sabre ranking are proving to be difficult to get I will ask Gerald again today . Fingures crossed.

-1st December 2005, 10:18
Bath epee results:

-1st December 2005, 12:11
Thanks Ben. See you at Whitgift.

-1st December 2005, 15:05
I am not 100% sure I will be at witgift I am helping Brixton on Saturday for the Sunday event and I hope to be atthe whitgift but my girlfreind may kill me if I go away for another work weekend! It would be my 5 weekend working in a row. :eek: