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-16th July 2003, 12:31
There is the Dublin 1 hit Epee comp in a couple of week's time...thinking about giving it a go despite the fact it has been 12 years since I held an Epee....

Any tips?

[ps anyone interested in entering, I'll post the date of it when it's published]

-16th July 2003, 12:38
Originally posted by Marcos
Any tips?

Get the first hit... :grin:

-16th July 2003, 14:31
The following tips may help:

1 Play for time :tongue:
2 Inject your eyeballs with sherbet
3 Don't bother doing it - YOU'RE A SABREUR. DON'T LOWER YOURSELF!

-16th July 2003, 23:10
More important even than getting the first hit, is not to BE hit - double hits count as a double defeat - ouch.:eek:

-17th July 2003, 00:10
Be very very careful with your en garde position and make sure evrything is covered. Watch out for the wiley old fox school school of epeeist as technique is evrything.

-17th July 2003, 10:46
Originally posted by pinkelephant
More important even than getting the first hit, is not to BE hit - double hits count as a double defeat - ouch.:eek:
Really? I didn't realise that... If I ever do a one-hit competiton I'll bear that in mind. :confused: Now I have to work out how not to get hit as well as getting the first hit...

-18th July 2003, 00:57
Tricky stuff this fencing lark.

There's the Cauchard Cup in Epsom next June.

-21st July 2003, 09:52
The comp is on 9th August - other details to be finalised

-24th July 2003, 17:04
So does anyone have any serious tips!?

come on, please, all you Epee-ists - this is a sabreur trying to bridge the deep seated divide - how do you win>

Dave Hillier
-24th July 2003, 17:06
ummm... if in doubt stick your arm out?

-24th July 2003, 18:58
Two things...

A big bag of tricks. All those little tricks that might get you an extra touch here or there in a regular tourney will get you an extra win in one touch

Timing and risks. Don't be afraid to take chances. A lot of people approach one touch with the attitude that they don't want to get hit (of course). But if you're always on the defensive, you're predictable. If you're oppenent is going to try to parry everything, catch him flat footed and throw in a disengage. After all, the best defense is to have your oppenent lying bloody at your feet.


Crouching Tiger
-25th July 2003, 15:18
After all, the best defense is to have your oppenent lying bloody at your feet.

Kill Kill Kill! .:shoot:

oops im sorry, just very excited to be starting fencing soon. Im a bit hyper but im not dangerous..honest


-2nd August 2003, 15:01
After advising Marcos not to lower himself, I'm doing a local 1 hit epee thingy tomorrow....lots of fleching will be the order of the day I think

-2nd August 2003, 15:29
Originally posted by Dave Hillier
ummm... if in doubt stick your arm out?
yup, and having your eyes open would be useful, but it's not necessary.

-5th August 2003, 11:55
Hey folks - I did the 1 hit epee in Cornwall..

Local rules - doubles don't count, no time limit.

My fights lasted between 4 and 20 seconds...!! There were 11 entries and I was 4th (same wins/defeats as 3rd place, but lost to him in the pool). I only lost to the top 3. Interestingly the top 3 were the ones who I took more time fencing (As a sabreur when i say more time I mean in excess of 9 secs...). Perhaps I should have just rushed at them too...


It's mostly luck cos I'm a crap epeeist! The winner lost 1 fight ( to the guy who came 2nd). The guy who came 2nd lost 1 fight (to the guy who cam 9th!). Local rules meant that the top 2 barraged for 1st cos they were tied. The guy who came 3rd lost to the top 2 and a complete epee muppet who's also a sabreur who did a cracking quinte riposte!!

I think this is the most random, boring, pointless and luck-dependant form of fencing I've come across. It was held out doors in a Country House Garden (sort of national trust type place) and was the worst advert for fencing I've ever seen. It should be banned!

-5th August 2003, 11:57
No really...it utterly sucks and is calculated to put Joe Public off fencing for ever...!!

-5th August 2003, 12:32
Originally posted by tigger
was the worst advert for fencing I've ever seen. It should be banned!

interesting - well, I am stuck between a rock and a hard place!

either I do the 1 hit epee...

..or my wife has just secured free tickets to see Robbie Williams

I think I will let him upstairs decide -

if it is raining on Saturday I'll do the Epee (and use the kick and rush tactics described by Tigger) and if it is a nice sunny day, Robbie Williams will get to meet me

-5th August 2003, 12:44
Hmmmm..tricky choice Marcos. I mean 1 hit epee truly sucks....but Robbie Williams? Purleaze ;)

-5th August 2003, 13:39
Hmmm - your competition's skill level doesn't sound too good - at our club one hit epee (11 entries and double defeats) we have longer bouts and everybody really enjoys it - and the better fencers do well.

-7th August 2003, 11:26
OK - Rob Bruniges (former World Youth Foil champ, former Gb vets epee champ, GB Olympic epee team 1980), Bill Osbaldeston (former Gb vets champ, former England epee team, winner of Welsh, Leicester and other major opens), Etienne Mackensen (former German Modern pentathlon team) - They all have a fair idea what's going on!

Don't get me wrong - the standard was good, the epeeists enjoyed it BUT it's appallingly boring to watch for the public and you have to admit inevitably has a greater element of luck than any other form of fencing. The epeeists had some incredibly long bouts - I had a 3 course lunch and topped up my tan while Bill was still feeling out one of his opponents. The length of fights I referred to were MY fights only, where i forced the pace to try to overcome the sheer tedium of the event. Unsuccessfully.

-7th August 2003, 13:36
Robbie Williams it is then

-12th September 2003, 14:02
We sometimes do 1-hit at our club, and it's quite fun. We don't count doubles and we help each other to clip in and out to help it all to flow together. Good training exercise, especially for impeteous novices like myself.

As for tips; play it safe, favour wrist shots over deep attacks, move around like a maniac and don't fleche unless you're really, really good at it.
Can sabreurs fleche? :tongue:

-15th September 2003, 11:36
Can sabreurs fleche?

a: No. They aren't allowed to cross their legs. They can flunge, wich is basically like a fleche but without crossing the legss and is even more ungainly.

b: No. If they try the sword point goes up and they slap you on the head with the edge while you hit them.


-16th September 2003, 23:50
Subtle correction Ceprab: Sabreurscan fleche, but they're not allowed to...remember: Sabreurs can do anything. :grin:

-17th September 2003, 10:59
Originally posted by tigger
Subtle correction Ceprab: Sabreurscan fleche, but they're not allowed to...remember: Sabreurs can do anything. :grin:

Are you the sabreur that took the piss out of me at epee at millfield a few months ago (competition, not the summer course)?

-18th September 2003, 10:05
Could have been me or Richard Bonehill. Our epee team consisted of 2 sabreurs (Richard & me) and a foilist (007) - and we won the SW Region team champs and got 2nd & 3rd in the individual ;)

Which one were u??

-18th September 2003, 11:25
The one from Bath Uni that got knocked out befoe fighting one of your sabreurs from Truro (At that point I bottled DEs about7-all, better now) and then fought you anyway cos the guy who knocked me out went home. And then drew you in the team, where I fenced better and you lot got really cheeky (with some of your hits). Fun though.:)

-19th September 2005, 00:37
What's the term for reviving old threads? Well, with the One Hit Epee at Cosford coming up, I think it's fair game....

iron maiden fan
-21st September 2005, 09:01
may go to the o'sullivan 1 hit next year in cardiff. my tips would be learn to parry fleches and keep distance so they cant fleche you

-21st September 2005, 21:03
Well I'll let you know how I get on!

-22nd September 2005, 15:32
lucky git getting to do 1 hit epee!! i did my first 1 hit epee comp in may/june/july ish and came 4th out of 10 having only had two lessons and 1 comp!! epee is great fun you'll love it. 'fraid i dont really have any tips as i have only had a grand total of 4 lessons and know absolutely nothing about the weapon :) lol.

-22nd September 2005, 15:58
Son is a Pentathlete so fences one-hit epee in competition all the time.

He does also do fencing competitions when he can fit them in and enjoys the freedom of not having to be so careful all the time as it is not over as soon as you make one mistake!

One hit fencing can be the most frustrating type of fencing I have ever watched. It is often the person who is cr@p, has just started, is four foot shorter or who thinks he is in an old fashioned swash & buckle film and waves his epee around that tends to do quite well. They just don't fence as they should.

You can almost guarantee that a good fencer will be in the top third of the results, but not necessarily in first place.

Son says to remember the basics, have one or two excellent moves (nothing too flash) and don't let it get to you too much when total plebs get the hit!!

-22nd September 2005, 22:39
Can't wait, and hey, if I get knocked out in nano-seconds, I'll try pester Hudson to give me some sabre lessons (or vice versa).

-23rd September 2005, 09:02
thats the spirit!!! (minus the sabre lessons!!...if you do badly...i think an epee lesson could be in order!!)

-25th September 2005, 00:02
Poor Hudson was too tired to give me a sabre duel at the end. Well he's getting on a bit.... *ducks and looks forward to his 'punishment' at the RAF Jnrs*

It took a while to get going, but I quite enjoyed the comp, although it is pretty dissallusioning when you lose a fight to your point bouncing off, or hitting female squidgy bits or the myriad other ways that you lose hits but can normally shrug off in a normal fight..... Anyway I can't wait for the next One Hit comp, although I do quite want to get a sabre back in my hands!

I think I should win the prize for the jammiest win, as when fencing the wrinkly ninja as I called him (the 78 yr old Jedi Master) I went to fleche, tripped over my own feet, shot past his point, landed in control through pure luck at his feet and was left with a simple hit to chest! I felt so unworthy that I tried to replay the point! I'd like to say I'm very sorry, but honoured to have fought such an awesome opponent!

Red Devil
-24th October 2005, 04:50
This is a late response and all....But if you try epee again...

Keep feet ready to move, keep your wrist covered, be highly agressive but don't be stupid.

Target number one. Try a slapshot on the bell gaurd into the hand, but don't expose your under wrist. Let their lunge be their death (Go for the wrist or hand)



Second fore-arm

third shoulder- shoulder joint

fourth - mask - chest - stomach.

I wouldn't recommend a saber person going for a foot-shot...That's how toes get broken...

-24th October 2005, 13:30
Heheh, I got a sweet foot shot in the Eep yesterday, feinted to my opponent's head, and crouched down and jabbed his foot instead. Very very satisfying.......

-24th October 2005, 13:31
Probably not a good idea trying that in a 1Hit tourney though. I was about 12-5 up in a normal competition at this stage however......:grin:

-10th November 2005, 12:56
nice! :cool: probably wouldnt go particularly well for me though :rolleyes: