View Full Version : Mask Clips

-16th July 2003, 14:43
One of the features of a sabre comp is mask clips flying around the gym, propelled by an attackers sabre yanking them away and flinging them across the hall.

So often they seem to miss spectators' heads by mere inches.

I get the feeling one day someone is going to lose an eye.

Is this something others have noticed? Is it a danger?

.......Is there a solution?

-16th July 2003, 14:48
In the sabre final in Nimes the a clip got smashed in to the air and got stuck on a score board 20 meters above them lots of laughs as people looked for a replacement.

-16th July 2003, 23:00
I often wonder why we bother with the clips, if you test your blade on someone's mask while they're wearing it without a clip, you'll get a light. Someone's lame has to be pretty crap for this not to happen. However if the clip has to stay, can we not find a better place to put it (eg on the inside of the bib)