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-8th December 2005, 10:50
Iíve heard on the grapevine that each BUSA fight in a team match is now 4 minutes. I have always believed that each fight should be 3 minutes.

I can find nothing to substantiate or deny this rumour, but need to know as I nearly pass out if made to fence for 4 mins!

Any ideas? (and yes I have checked through the BUSA pages extensively, nothing there!)

-8th December 2005, 11:17
"All matches shall be between teams of three fencers, with or without a reserve, using the relay formula.
The two captains, in advance of the match, shall agree the order in which weapons are fought. In the event of lack of agreement there shall be a draw for the order of weapons. The order of fights shall conform to BFA regulations." (BUSA Website)

Since nothing specific is mentioned about duration of each bout I think it is fair to assume that the "relay formula" mentioned should be of the same specification as in BFA/FIE rules (i.e. 3 minutes per fight in foil and epee).

I really dont see why busa would increase the duration of a bout. did anyone else hear about this?

-8th December 2005, 23:51
3 minutes per bout, unless you're Collie, in which case I think it should be 7


-9th December 2005, 12:09
BUSA rules says use BFA rules which say 3minutes (is what I've always been told). For one match the (independent!) referee said 4minutes but I think she was using some weird other sort of rules (though I can't remember which). She had a book saying 4minutes per match but it wasn't a BUSA or BFA/FIE book. But generally matches don't time out for us anyway so unless you're a really slow fencer Colliebeast, surely you'll be fine (and if you're really slow surely you can carry on forever anyway).

-9th December 2005, 13:06
Weird. Pool fights used to be four minutes until a few years ago, so maybe it's some confusion with that?

-9th December 2005, 13:23
Originally posted by pinkelephant
Weird. Pool fights used to be four minutes until a few years ago, so maybe it's some confusion with that?

I suspect that's exactly what it is. Weren't individual bouts in a team match changed from 4 to 3 at the same time? I know that (going even further back) they were certainly 4 mins before the relay system was adopted for team matches. I think your president was just out-of-date, not completely crazy ;)

-9th December 2005, 20:12
we haven't been told anything about chaging times. If it was an independent president then surely its likely to just be a one off thing?
I agree with collie, if I have to fence for four minutes I might die!:dizzy: