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-10th December 2005, 13:28
On the equipment list fo LPJS it says you need 2 electric foils can anyone tell me whether this rule is regulated and do I really need 2 foils with me?
thanks alot
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-10th December 2005, 14:16

The problem with electric weapons (particularly foils and epees) is that they are unreliable and prone to failing.

If you are in the middle of a pool, and your only weapon suddenly stops working, the whole pool grinds to a halt while you run around trying to borrow one.

This is very annoying for other competitors, refs and the organisers.

Thats the reason for the rule (it applies at almost all events, not just LPJS).

Whether it is enforced depends on the ref. If I was reffing, I might not enforce it if the fencer was an under 9 and at their first comp (just have a quiet word with mum & dad). Otherwise, I would probably card them.

So the answer is yes - you need two foils and two bodywires. You can usually borrow spares from your club.