View Full Version : A Solution To Wire Coming Away From Blade???

Lee Spiers
-21st December 2005, 13:35
I don't know if this hs been done already but what about using
Clear silicone to hold the wire in place down the blade?
It would make re-wiring simpler, as you wouldnt have bits of old Glue on the wire (half of my wire has come away and it wont Stick back on due to the bits of glue I can't get off)

surley it would be flexible enough too?

What do you think?

-21st December 2005, 14:38
Depends how well it would stick to metal.

-21st December 2005, 21:06
I am sure that it would be flexible enough, and it should stick fairly well to a clean metal surface under normal fencing stresses.

However, silicon (I presume you mean the stuff used by plumbers to seal around the edge of baths etc?) is designed to remain soft - a blade kicking around the average fencing bag would pretty soon have it gouged out by some random sharp object.

If you kept the blade protected when not in use, it might work.

Try it and see?

PS - make sure you use the stuff that contains a fungicide. Otherwise, the consequences could be ....eeeewwwww!

-29th December 2005, 03:45
There are some people I know that swear by 3M emblem adheasive. It is a somewhat stretchy glue that is make for adhearing plastic to metal and so forth. I don't care for it myself as it is a bit of a pain to work with, but it sounds like what you are looking for without some of the drawbacks.

I strongly suggest getting an acetone bath for striping your blades. It will both clean new bare blades of grease and packing gunk and is the best way to get all the old glue and so forth off of a blade you are rewiring.

Just get a metal pipe with a sealed and a threaded end, or two threaded ends and permantly seal one of them. Make sure it is watertight by using a non-plastic or CA based sealant like JB weld or something similiar. Make it about 40" long and keep it sealed with a screw cap when you are not using it. 2" pipe is great for one blade at a time or use a larger diameter pipe if you do a lot of blades at once. Change it when it starts to look milky or about once a month. Let your blades soak for a few hours (often less, just depends on how much residue they have on them) and dry them off with an old towel or cloth. Let the blade sit for about an hour after cleaning and wire it up. Fletch Tight is a great CA style glue for fencing, as is loctite. With either one I use a CA acelerator that you can get at most hobby stores so that the glue sets, dries and cures pretty much instantly.

Hope that helps!