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-6th January 2006, 12:35
Have just spoken to Jamie who is watching women's epee. Corinna is seeded 4th(ish!) and is the only GBR girlie left in. He thinks the others got 128s but will possibly confirm later.

Go Corinna!:rambo:

-6th January 2006, 18:30
just heard jojo chrystall and sarah ellis all made 32s which means we have a full junior womens sabre team for korea.

-6th January 2006, 21:45
thats awesome. Go Corinna!!!

If anyone could tell me how chloe rossetti (AUS) did that'd be great. She's in WS.

-8th January 2006, 12:17
Cant find any results ANYWHERE!? Anyone else got any?


-8th January 2006, 15:31
News from the front yesterday was not, er, happy. I believe the highest placed Brit in any of the comps may well have been Master Cruchett, who I was told got a L64, tho' I understand Mr Thornton had a good poule round (can't remember if I was told where he was seeded). Miss L was unfortunate, as were the bloke epeeists (for whom this was not nominated - 181 fencers for them...phew!!).

-8th January 2006, 18:58
Men's Epee

Jimmy T seeded 15 out of poules (5 up 1 down) - out in 128
Jamie M seeded around 50 out of poules (4 up 2 down) - out in 128
Greensides also made the cut and went out in 128
Rest did not make the cut


Corinna got a 64 - seeded v high. Bad luck :(
Rest 128

Well done to the girlie sabreurs.

-8th January 2006, 23:51
How did the girlie sabruers do??

Neil Brown
-8th January 2006, 23:53
Results are up at www.fie.ch

-9th January 2006, 00:02
Ta!! Only just come back on line and not had a look yet....

-9th January 2006, 19:01
Womens sabre, 3 last 32's, Jo, Chrystall and Sarah. I believe all had to knock out high seeds and then went out to lower seeds. I believe jo Knocked out number 8 then went on to lose the next one. Ah well. Great news for Sarah as she has now qualified with 2 last 32's.:)