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-21st April 2003, 15:28
I don't know if it's just me (more than likely it is) but are there semms to be alot of people who don't know how to look after their equipment and when they get to a comp spend their warm up time getting it fixed. I'm not on about major faults and re-wires (sabre not included) but just the small stuff, tips that have come off or stick or that fail weights and guaging.

-21st April 2003, 15:34
Thats true of me, but more thru lack of knowledge and fear of breaking my (somehwhat expensive) kit. I find replacing tips/tape/etc is one of those jobs you just never get round to.

Do you know what you are doing when it comes to fixing stuff then? Broken foils were one of my initial reasons for changing to sabre!!

-21st April 2003, 15:40
I got drunk one night at a RAF Fencing Union AGM and now i'm the RAFFU Armourer. Had a crash course in basic kit repair and still learning. Dose anybody know if there's a course or such like out there you can do?

-21st April 2003, 15:45
Why do all club amourers get elected in such a random way?! We elected a novice cos none of us could be bothered (might not of been clever actually!).
I'm sure the BFA would know of some courses, the only guy I know who did one was in Brunei at the time.

3 Card Trick
-21st April 2003, 16:12
Hi, There is a Guild of Armourers in the UK full of very knowledgable peoples like Huggins, Kennedy, jackson and Co.

They have a scheme for people to work their way through the ranks.

They are pretty good at sorting out the messes I can't fix, and some of the one's I cause.

I'm sure they'd be more than happy to let you know more.
As an aside, we live by the sea and find that the major maintenance task is sand in the point and under the connectors on the spools.

Any chance of a solution from somebody out there!!!!!!!!

-21st April 2003, 16:37
Wow so many ppl out ther in the same posistion as me

I am Truros new armourer (sort of press ganged) am still a novice only been fencing 7 months (i fence sabre by the way ) and spend so much time flailing uslessly with a soldering iron,screw driver & alan key (also my sabre but hey we all have to start somewhere)

any news of courses would be great

-21st April 2003, 17:25
Anybody know how to get in touch with anyone from the Guild of Armourers. Now that you mention it i have meet a few and talk but never got any details

YeOlde Armourer
-22nd April 2003, 02:45
Don't do it as a armourer of 30 years who now repair equipement as a business at our National events I speak with a voice of insanitly.

Tim Loomis:tank2: :mexwave: :tank:

-22nd April 2003, 12:55
If someone wrote a general repair guied sold with some basic tools I am sure they would make a killing.

-22nd April 2003, 14:31
If I decided to publish my Guide To Fencing Kit Maintenance which subjects should come first on the list

-22nd April 2003, 15:17
Foil and epee point maintenance 30% of the people who come in to do repairs in lp can be fixed with a point adjustment using a point screw driver. Then how to set and straighten blades. Then rewiring etc.

-22nd April 2003, 15:47
I don't mind fixing people's weapons at comp when i have the tim. It's when you get the same people time after time.
The idea of a published guide is great. I'll order one now.
I think first of before anything about repair, a section on kit storeage an dafter comp maint would be good as this would stop alot of problems caused by kit not being looked after or stored propley.

-22nd April 2003, 16:15
If someone makes it Leop Paul will advertise and sell it. I think it would do really well as lhe level of knowledge out there is shocking.

British Armourers Guild... You out there?

YeOlde Armourer
-22nd April 2003, 16:32
I sell two books on weapon repair or kit as you all call it.

One by Chris Green and the other is by Rudy Volkman. Both excellent book. Both are Maste Armourers

Tim Loomis

Ye Olde Armourer
Master Armourer

-22nd April 2003, 18:45
Thanks tim i'll look them up. How much do they cost?

-25th April 2003, 06:34
I have a copy of the Rudy Volkmann manual which I got from Triplette in the US - cost me $8. It certainly covers all the basics and I now repair all of my weapons (Foil & Epee) and those of my children with much greater confidence. The only problem is that it looks like a 6th forms homework project. You know the sort of thing - home typed and copied paper inside a stapled together cover of orange paper. gofence.com import a lot of Tripltte kit so they might have copies.

-25th April 2003, 15:14
How about this one.
When you are reassembling your electric epee or foil and your stressed because you guessing where everything is and thinking you're going to crush the wire(s) and you have to line everything up and you need three hands and you've just been called and the sweats dripping off your nose.
sound familiar?
Then push the handle through the pad you'll be able to see the slot,wire and everything. Tighten it all up and slide the pad back into the guard.

3 Card Trick
-26th April 2003, 16:05

Check out the following link- it is part of the Surrey Fencing Website.



-26th April 2003, 17:16
Thanks for the link, it'll be a big help.

-27th April 2003, 14:41
Basic armoury is something I belive should be taught in addition to rules knowledge and technique. We try and encourage our newbies to ask as many questions as possible and we even get in a guy yo do armoury on club nights [when we can]. However unlike coaching [technique] and presifing [lessons] I've found that armoury is a very difficult subject to pass on. Most people are just too lacking in confidence. I myself am fairly hopeless at armoury - I try my best.

PS - 3 card trick. So long sa it is alright with you I have added this armoury link to my clubs website. Thanks for posting it - all kudos to you.

-29th April 2003, 19:39
I note you're from Norwich (Eastern region) see their web site, read the committee meeting minutes (Boring I know but I'm encouraging the use of county and regions) Eastern region has an Armourer who's happy to run courses. - I know 'cause I am that guy. I've done one recently for Hertfordshire and would be happy to help with a course in the Norwich area. Suggest you contact your county committee and ask them to set something up. I'd come over for a club but you probably won't get the numbers and with my travelat an hour each way minimum you wouldn't get value for an evening

Your alternative location of Nottingham is outside my remit but contact John Kenedy who should be helpful (I'm sure he fences in Nottinghamshire)

If all else fails go to the competitions, find the armoury, bribe the person running it (black coffee usually works) and they'll talk till the finals finish. Well they will at Bristol, Welsh, Leicester, Cadet Winton, Birmingham, Winton Cup, Excalibur, and the British Championships (again I know I'll be there)

Books - theres not a lot published so far as I can tell and the 2 I've seen go back to the mid 90's so can't be trusted for sabre

Rudy Volkman has 2 publications. I've seen his "Electrical Fencing equipment How it works What goes wrong How to fix it". My copy (2nd edition dated 1993) is single side laser printed on A4 and held with a slide binder, it doesn't look much but the content's good. He also published (and had reviewed in the Sword) his book on fencing "Magnum Opus" which if I recall the review correctly was well received but I've never seen.
The Canadian Fencing Federation sponsored a book by Christopher Ram National Coaching Certification Level IV Armourer and Competition. Copyright 1990 The content is good with clear drawings

Hope this helps

-30th April 2003, 05:28
I have a copy of the Magnum Libre Escrime. It is a good book although the [as has been mentioned] the print quality is a bit poor. The armoury instructions are good and the book even includes instructions for a fencing dummy! I've been meaning to scan a copy and send it back to Rudy as it wouldn't take long to improve the quality electronicaly. If someone was to pose for the pictures then those could also be improved. Rudy produces the book himself and I suspect that he doesn't have the time to jazz it up. Look on Fencing.net you can get a copy throught the webmaster or if you are willing to hunt around then do a search on the board - Rudy's email address has been bandied about.

-30th April 2003, 08:59
I have a copy of an armoury manual from Negrini which is up to date and includes all three weapons,tip break-downs and even forging drawings.
search on www.fencer.co.uk for Negrini
trouble is it's in Italian
If anyone out there wants to translate it, I reckon it'd be worth it!