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-21st July 2003, 11:18
My club (Truro) recently bought a roll-out rubber piste from a company called Idass in Somerset. top bit of kit: we've used it for indoor and outdoor exhibitions, demos etc on bad surfaces. It grips to nearly anything, and rolls up small enough to fit in the back of my almera with the seats folded flat! Obviously it's non-conductive, so doesn't help epeeists or foilists in that way, but it's ideal if you have a venue with a bad surface, or do any outdoor events. Only 200 as well. Highly recommended.

-21st July 2003, 14:09
My club really needs rubber mats for pistes [concrete floors y'see]. Could you either post or PM me the details? I would appreciate it!

-21st July 2003, 22:04
There was a conductive rubberised piste used at Miller HAllett this year - not sure if it was LP, but believe so, and not sure if in the current catalogue...;) ;)

-24th July 2003, 08:55
There was a similar experimental thing at the Birmingham International. believe it was LP, but not yet in production.. Probably a lot more than 200 tho!

-24th July 2003, 09:00
Will PM u with details Gav

-24th July 2003, 09:28
I've seen and had the opportunity to fence on the new LP piste. I like it. Nice surfac. Seems to be rubber impregnated with a wire mesh so that it conducts. My concerns would be that it might wear and patching it would be pricey. Last figure that I saw bandied about was that this was going to cost $2000. Bit pricey for my club.

NLSC Sabreur
-24th July 2003, 09:48
I fenced on a strange carpet piste at Birmingham and its not good.

By half way through the pool the carpet was rucking up despite being taped to the floor all along its edges. Though it was smoothed down several times big folds developed. Fortunately nobody tripped over the blasted thing but it was clearly a failure.

Now it might work for epeeists who just bounce up and down on the spot but for sabreurs (and perhaps foilists) who move rapidly up and down the piste its unacceptable.

-24th July 2003, 09:53
I don't know if it's the same piste.

If it is, I never had the same issue (which somthing that I am familiar with as our club mats do this). I didn't fence on it at Birmingham, I fenced on it at Miller Hallet. The hall that it was laid down on at Birmingham had a new floor that was abolutely horrible to walk on in Fencing shoes let alon fence and I suspect that this was why [if we are talking about the same piste] it rucked up.

-27th July 2003, 22:26
I've come across the conductive rubber piste. Weighs 35 kilo, and costs about 1900. Excellent if you've the money to spend.
Set up time is in seconds as it just rolls out.