View Full Version : Ashton LPJS Event

-21st February 2006, 12:46
Any results around for last weekend?

LPJS site does not have a 2006 results tab as far as I can see.

Cymru Fach
-21st February 2006, 15:48
The epee results are up!

Cymru Fach

-21st February 2006, 16:17
How very interesting. Helena Varey was on the list of those qualified for the U14 Epee Nationals. We noted (with some relief as she can be very effective) her absence. Never did I expect to see her name on the Ashton results sheet.

-26th February 2006, 13:09
The organisation was a bit dire last year from what I hear. Was it any better this year?

Foilling Around
-26th February 2006, 15:09
I thought is ran pretty well. My only gripe was the woeful lack of referees on the Sunday.

I don't like having youngsters refereeing other age groups unles they are going for the Junior referees scheme.

Overall the Sunday went fine, just one big break for the Boys U15 when it could have been got away faster.

It really needs one person, with plenty of brass neck to have a handle of who can referee and keep things moving on that front.