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-23rd July 2003, 14:31
Just another newbie introducing.

Did one terms worth of fencing at Edinburgh Uni 6 years ago, then one lesson at Sussex Uni 2 years ago, and now around 3 months at Norfolk Fencing club (Norwich my home town), with one 1/2 hour individual lesson a week.

Boy, what a sport, it just gets better huh? You learn the basics, and then you learn, what my coach calls, 'phrases', and combine them all up and wow, you gotta a battle on / in your hands!

Oh, off to Budapest this weekend for the course, might as well go for the deep end, and I was told that if you drink too much, don't worry, most people just end up sitting on the sidelines watching happily! B.T.W., that's the subject, I'm gonna kit up in Buda/Pest with PBT equip, what say you to there standards?

Think I'm gonna rival Eifone to make it to the top quicker. Been reading his posts, and sounds like he's heading out to Budapest as well and has fenced only a month or so longer than me, but his words are mighty strong.

And one last riposte, how many fencers are professional IT workers? I'm thinking around 20% here!

See you through a face mask.


-23rd July 2003, 14:52
PBT stuff is ok, I've used it in the past.

Welcome to the board.

-23rd July 2003, 14:58
PBT :confused:
From a biased point of view :grin:
I would recomed **** **** :moon:

Hey I even modirate myself.

-23rd July 2003, 15:06
LP sponsor the site so under the rules you are allowed to advertise LP!

PS soultripp

say Hi to Andy Sowerby from Marcos ex-UEA

-23rd July 2003, 15:30

Glad you wrote the name of Andrew Sowerby because I did a search on this web forum and it did not appear, neither is there really anything on the internet apart from the clubs he teaches at.

I would really like to know his history, and I keep forgetting to ask. All I know is he took his fencing coach exam with a family friend Marinko Stepinac (who, by the way, teaches at Finchley Foil and introduced me to Ziemek W. where I saw him give a lesson to Richard Kruse!) I was most privileged to watch and see some great fencing techniques.

Andrew is giving me individual lessons and I find him an excellent teacher on so many levels. If anyone knows of his past achievements please let me know.

Oh, and KK, if it helps, I have bought a small amount of LP stuff before, and will do more so, but I just think I'm gonna save a LOT of money in Budapest (I hope, otherwise LP it is!)

One final thing, I have really got into fencing with the aim of 10 years down the line I can teach part / full time coz as a computer nerd, it really is depressing to think I will be in front of a screen for the rest of my life.

If anyone can give me an idea of how long it takes before you can start coaching for a few pounds at a club, that would be great. I know it's all relative, but that's what exams are for I guess!


-23rd July 2003, 15:38
Is it really a 'plethora' of fencers? Couldn't we think of a better phrase - eg. a ballestra of fencers?

-23rd July 2003, 15:56

it would be unfair of me to talk about Andy's achievements given that I haven't spoken to him in 8 years! What I do know is that he is a decent and pragmatic coach who has worked hard to improve the level of coaching in Norfolk.

Hokers was at UEA with me, maybe he would know more?

PS I think you'll find that it is "a pub of fencers"

-23rd July 2003, 16:02
Yeah a good lad is our Andy, I have nothing negative to say about him. Coached at UEA FC for all the time I was there, taught numerous beginners and foil grade ones and still had time for a few lessons for the rest of us. I know he used to coach at quite a number of norfolk clubs and schools. Seem to recall a website...


Thats worth visiting for the intro movie alone!

Back in the day hey Marcos..

-23rd July 2003, 16:12
Second that, not a bad word or thought.

His qualifications show him to be an advanced coach with the BFA, and has coached at international level. Also a 'professional coach'.

I see Norfolk don't see to do to well on the ranks and all that, I have seen very little of my club N.F.C. on the grades.

Think I will be representing ol' A.S. as soon as I can (after I steal the teaching from Robert Kiss in Buda!)

-23rd July 2003, 16:59
I like PBt sabre blades - welcome to the forum.

-24th July 2003, 08:42
Yeah, I've been asked to bring back half a dozen or so sabre blades for guys at the club!

Also, Marcos, I told Andy and he remembers you. Spanish right?

Don't think he understood the whole forum thing though.

-24th July 2003, 09:31
Nice site.

-24th July 2003, 09:37
born in spain, grew up in england, fencing for ireland (eligible thru marriage!)


-24th July 2003, 16:28
That's what I like about Andy, such a shy retiring sort ;)

Must ask him which of those fencing shots he was in next time I see him......

-24th July 2003, 19:45

I have just looked at the site and have got to say that I love the intro, it's gr8.

Somewhere on here, we had a poll to see how many of us are IT type ppl. I think it was in the Chit-Chat section if it still exists. I'm a student at bham uni studying computer science and artificial intelligence. (Don't worry mods, this can all be found out from my profile or sites that it links to so I'm not posting anything that isn't in the public domain)

Enjoy the forum.

-5th August 2003, 16:43
Okay, well I am back from Budapest. It was wicked, as expected. Laid back and Budapest was scorching so all in all a great time. (They say they're more pretty women per sqr metre in Budapest than anywhere in the world! Seemed true!)

The people on the course were all wicked, and some top talent as well, though I name no names.

Rober Kiss was excellent as a host, a good laugh, and his colleague Csaba Kun was a riot! He's moving to England to teach with Robert so that will be some seriously good club!

As for PBT equipment, I got the following (all non-FIE)

Inox Lame
3 body wires (2 foil, 1 Epee)
1 Electric Epee
1 Electric Foil
Carrying case with wheels
3 t-shirts
2 socks

The whole lot was about 320 or so (using 370HFK to 1GBP)

However, my wire broke on my foil on the 4th day so I cannot safely recommend PBT (other people were swearing and cursing about their PBT equip!) but pricewise, I understand the above is very good.

I got my fencing gear 'lost' by the airline on the way back, to have it arrive the next day with loads of Security check stickers!

Also, I didn't get a Global Refund Form, but if I could get one, then you can save an extra 25% on the above price!

Finally, bufc99, I did Computer Science and AI at both Edinurgh and Sussex, good course, though not sure when I'm gonna be employed in AI!?

And Prometheus, you leave a cryptic message!? Andy is going away for a couple of weeks but I will see him on Monday and will ask...

Any more info on the Budapest camp, let me know okay?


:cool: (sunburnt me!)

-5th August 2003, 16:50
Sounds like you had a good 'un. I've go to convince the girlfried that it would be good to holiday in Budapest and that it would be good for me to disapear off for Fencing lessons.

I've used PBT in the past and was perfectly acceptable kit. If it was only a wire that broke then it's not much hassle [or expense] to fix.

A friend of mine has just complete his phd thesis in AI and is off working on intelligent hard drive systems.

(I can't remember what it's called but it's basically cards, with Hard drives and neural nets built in, that intelligently search through databases - pretty cool stuff).

-5th August 2003, 19:15
Originally posted by SoulTripper
Okay, well I am back from Budapest. It was wicked, as expected. Laid back and Budapest was scorching so all in all a great time. (They say they're more pretty women per sqr metre in Budapest than anywhere in the world! Seemed true!)

There used to be a crowd of Hungarian au-pairs that tagged along with us at Streatham - great parties - I'll agree on the prettiness front - you can get a combination of 14 au pair / fencers into a Bedford van (white, of course).

-7th August 2003, 15:38
Hungarian au-pairs? Oh my, oh my. Carry on Maestro.

14 in a Bedford van huh? That's quite impressive, guess some were sitting on each others laps :o

Gav - Sounds kinda interesting what your friend is doing. Think I'm more into the data mining, predicting stock exchanges and that kinda of thing! Though, ain't got the maths to go anywhere with it though.

Since the wire went on my foil, I've now got to look at replacing it. At the moment, the armourer at our club, Mal, has kindly offered to do it, but I'd like to be able to do it myself.

Seems there are quite a lot of little gimmicky things you need, like something to hold the wire into tip, test box, glue, wire, screwdriver etc, etc.

Can anyone recommend where to get material on how to fix the wire either in a book or a website?


p.s. There might be a thread on this already, haven't checked. Might start a new one if not, to inform other beginners. :spearhors