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Urban Spaceman
-23rd July 2003, 21:03
I recently bought some kit of my own so I didn't have to wear stinky club kit, and I have no problem in washing jacket, plastron & glove when they get sweaty, but what about my mask ? I can't put that through the laundrette service wash and from what I've seen of the masks of some of the more experienced fencers it looks as if the lining starts to get grotty after some use. Whats the best way of preventing it ? I presume mask linings/bibs start to rot if you don't get the sweat out.


-24th July 2003, 02:46
Let it soak for a bit and then let it dry. Never let it sit in your bag, espescially with your sweaty jacket rolled up in it or else it will smell like ammonia. (Made that mistake once!)

-24th July 2003, 03:43
i've got an FIE mask where the padding is riveted in, and thus can't be removed....

is it still safe to soak it with all the padding in there...? and is there any risk of rusting?

-24th July 2003, 03:50
I have an FIE mask as well. it's the Leon Paul comfort fit system so the top is removable so that's not a problem for me. My bib just get dirty every once and a while. Just don't leave it soak for too long and you shouldn't have a problem with rust. You just want to get all the salt out.

-24th July 2003, 06:31
I use cleaning foam for carpets which is for dry use - that is to say it's applied directly on the surface without having to wet it first

-24th July 2003, 07:41
is there a LP recommended way of looking after your mask? In particular the conductive Sabre mask?

For my "steam" mask I simply roll a clean towel into it and dump it into my bag
My sabre mask I wipe down and keep in a seperate bag.