View Full Version : UCAS problem, can anyone help?

-16th March 2006, 15:20
OK, this whole UCAS application is now officially doing my head in! I know surprisingly little about what I have actually done with my life and when I have done it. And centre numbers? Even my centre doesn't know it!!!

Anyway, one major problem (among a few others) is when filling in my qualifications, within a group award it want modules. When filling in those it asks at the bottom for a "type", what goes in here, it says I must put in something. Help says "Other qualifications may have units which are mandatory, optional or additional and will need to be identified in the Type field."

Thanks in advance.

-16th March 2006, 16:48
Your centre number will be on your results slips. The examinations officer at your present centre will know that one.

Which qualification are you having trouble entering?

Why are you applying now?

How old are you?

If you PM me these details I might be able to help, as it's part of my job.

-16th March 2006, 18:06
Have sent you a PM, thanks pinkelephant.