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-11th April 2006, 16:49
Spotted this on teh BBC website:


Fencing has one of teh largest incresases in funding - well done to all.

-11th April 2006, 16:53
Yes, very good news.

Well done to Keith & the rest of the team.

and I never, ever, EVER thought I would be saying "thanks" to Gordon Brown.

Foilling Around
-11th April 2006, 16:58
The amount quoted seems to be well in excess of the figures which were being discussed by well informed sources a short while ago.

I am sure however that it is tightly ringfenced and not for general consumption.

-11th April 2006, 17:33
I think that's for the 06-09 period - so three/four years worth?

-11th April 2006, 22:29
Wow, good news indeed. Would be interesting to add to that table the number of medals previously won by GBR in that sport, as well as the number of participants in the UK.

3M for Handball?? Seriously, does anyone know anyone who plays handball?

Perhaps another good stat would be funding per available medal.

Foilling Around
-11th April 2006, 22:58
Originally posted by hokers
3M for Handball?? Seriously, does anyone know anyone who plays handball?

Not yet, but with 3 million to play with I am sure we will soon know some handball players!

-12th April 2006, 00:27
david buist is now a handball player after retiring from fencing

-12th April 2006, 00:32
lol - who said epeeists didn't have a sense of humour!

Oh, hang on - I did.:rolleyes:

-12th April 2006, 07:08
I understand the handball dosh is so high to be startup money.

And handball is veeeeeeery big in France, I'm told......(which is probably where Buisty boy picked it up)

-13th April 2006, 08:22
Dear All,

It is 2.7 million till 2009 and then reviwed with an additional 1.2million to BFA. Am pleased but it is tightly accountable and not for general spending but on International fencing against targets and a programme.