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Alp Orge
-4th August 2003, 14:22
I just thought I would help clear up any confusion that might exist about who qualifies for worlds kit and the GBR tracksuits and how you can get them.

1) the senoir and junior worlds kit is only availabe to those fencers and officials who have been selected to go to the worlds and or the Europeans.

2) Order forms for the kit will be sent out by the team organiser at least 5 weeks before the event (generally Graham W for the senior worlds and Steve Cowen for the juniors). These forms must be returned asap by post or email to Tempest so that the orders can be furfilled.

3) From now on Tempest will be holding a small stock of both the senior and junior worlds kit so if after returning people want to re-order any of the kit (except for the tracksuits) then email me at Tempest (aorge@tempestsports.com).

4) GBR tracksuits are available to any fencer who has been selected to go to a minimum of 3 foreign A-grades over the course of his/her career (it can be any combination of junior and senior non domestic nominated A-grades). GBR tracksuits are also available to any fencer or official who has been selected to go to the senior/junior or cadet Worlds or Europeans.

5) If you've been selected for the Europeans or the worlds the price of the tracksuit is a subsidised 35, otherewise tracksuits are available for 50. Replacement tops or bottoms are available at 30 and 20 respectively.

6) The tracksuits can be ordered directly from Tempest on the 1st of september, the 1st of january and prior to the junior and senior worlds or Europeans.

Right sorry for the long post and I would like to apologise for any problems people might have encountered in the past regarding ordering/receiving any of the GBR kit, hopefully this system should make things far more straightforward for all concerned. (the above will also be posted on the BFA website)


p.s. Before somebody points it out, I do have 2 user names on this forum, but this one will only be used for matters pertaining to Tempest. Any comments/suggestions please email me.

-6th August 2003, 11:41
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-8th August 2003, 16:29
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