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-5th May 2006, 15:29
Hello I have just finished updating the rankings for 2006.
See the excel spread sheet in each of the result sections:
I have not added the coventry results as I am waiting for them to come with the LPJS ID number. Without the ID NUMBER I cannot update the rankings! :dont:
I am also waiting for the Warwick results which I know are ready. :cool:

Touché Turtle
-5th May 2006, 15:43
Thanks KK, I can see it has taken quite a bit of work! :thumbs_up
Just one thing I noticed, there are two Teresa Norejko's on the U11 girls. Maybe because the columns have first name / surnames a bit muddled. :o:
Other than that, will be good to see the positions develop over the year. :)

Oh one more thing, if two children both come joint third how comes one gets 21 points and the other 22?

-6th May 2006, 10:34
Oh one more thing, if two children both come joint third how comes one gets 21 points and the other 22?Better style?

-6th May 2006, 11:10
If I have missed that then they sg=hould both get 22 so email me the name and age etc of the person who I messed up and I can change it.

-6th May 2006, 21:45
George Hendrie came 2nd at Sherwood that seems to have been missed of his totals completely!

-6th May 2006, 21:46
Sorry, meant to say U13 boys foil

Touché Turtle
-7th May 2006, 21:19
If I have missed that then they sg=hould both get 22 so email me the name and age etc of the person who I messed up and I can change it.

thank you! e-mail on its way. :thumbs_up

Dundee David
-8th May 2006, 12:23
Udner the Under 13 boys foil the results for Casey Avril are split into 2 entries at ranking 35 & 79.
Could you please consolidate, not that it will make a lot of difference to his ranking but he is due to the remainder of comps in the series


-23rd May 2006, 12:18
Sorry KK!

I noticed that Jack Kelly is on Boys U15 twice at 34 and 36. They need to be combined. Again I think it is the confusion of firstname and surname.

If you could correct when it is next issued it would be great.


-23rd May 2006, 13:27
Thanks for that but George Hendrie still has 2 entrys

One as Hendrie George the other as George Hendrie. He is the latter and fences for Chichester. Hope this helps.

The Great Four.
-24th May 2006, 18:03
Better than I thought, still, hope to push it up a bit after Portsmouth.

Louis CB
-26th May 2006, 18:43

Does anyone know when the LPJS rankings (mainly boy's epee) are going to be updated? Don't mean to pressure, just keen to see (what I hope will be) my nice new shiny ranking. :)

-Louis Cox-Brusseau

-30th May 2006, 09:36
Rankings are updated again......:thumbs_up

Louis CB
-30th May 2006, 12:31
Brilliant, thanks KK. :) Ranking's what I hoped it would be as well, so that's a bonus. :grin:

-30th May 2006, 13:16
Is it possible to geta set of rankings with the Unique reference in?

Preferentially for the Epee (just thinking it would be easier to link the data together in the database I am creating to handle the entrants for the Yorkshire LPJS.

-30th May 2006, 17:05
Thanks KK George Hendrie's results are now correct in U13 Boys foil but his elder brother Thomas seems to have disappeared from U15 boys foil rankings

-30th May 2006, 19:47
Thanks for the rankings:) :) :) . However, I've spotted a few anomalies -
e.g. in the U13 Boys Foil Kristjan Archer @ 14 is the same lad as at 18, Archer Kristjan. Also he won Wrexham but hasn't been given the points! In the U13 Boys Epee Liam Toop is at 11 and 25, and finally in U13 Boys Sabre, Griff Williams is at 6 and 22.

-6th October 2006, 18:26
i had lots of names on my results i had two the wrong way round and another one with croix as my second name and there is no caitlin croix from harrogate! thankyou for getting it correct though!!

-8th October 2006, 22:48
Although this may make me very unpopular surely the working out of the rankings is not rocket science!!! Icannot believe that since Simon went the whole thing has been as C****d up as it is! Yes we did have a few muck up with Simon but this year has been a joke. The whole fencing world is only a couple of thousand never mind the LPJS league.The whole thing since we ahve have had to out our "LPJS numbers" has been a mess. I do appreciate that you have more to do than just update the figures but..... these kids need to see where they are and I believe that if you want then to stay in fencing you need to get it right the first time.
Sorry Sorry Sorry but please start to get it right.
By the way i have no axe to grind as the Midgets rankingsn in epee are right!!!

Touché Turtle
-11th October 2006, 11:02
The U11 girls Durham results are wrong.
There were only 7 entries, but 9 on the list, all of whom have recieved points. There are two girls who apparently came 1st and have both got 25 points. I know V Staples came 5th, not 7th, (although I think she has been awarded points for 5th?)
Please KK can we get this sorted out?
Kids need to see their results properly set out. Its a bit late in the year to be calling this teething troubles. :upset: