View Full Version : Would it be a good idea for BUSA to webcast the Fencing Individuals/Championships?

-7th May 2006, 13:59
I came across a small webcast from the US equivalent to BUSA, the NCAA:


They had a really nice, brief but very cool segment on the NCAA Fencing Championships, with clips of the matches and interviews.

I for one would welcome an initiative by BUSA to do this sort of thing for University Fencing (indeed for any university sport). So, what do y'all think? Would this be a good thing? (let's not discuss BFA doing this, just BUSA for this thread).

-7th May 2006, 14:03
It would be good for people who want to see away matches, but it would probably have to be done by students.

-7th May 2006, 14:13
Regular BUSA fixtures could be done by the individual unis, which should be no problem, but I think BUSA would score a lot of points with Students if they televised (or webcast), the Individual and Team Championships (webcast might be easier, plus the files can be stored so people can visit their website over and over again).

We've tried to put some videos of our fencing matches on the uni website, but half the time they are little clips done with mobile phone cameras, so the resolution isn't that good.