View Full Version : Where do you all get competition information?!

-12th May 2006, 23:45
Here in Notts we appear to have a slight problem in that we don't hear of any other competitions than the Opens on the BFA list. Case in point: the competition at Keele as mentioned in one of the other threads and the 'West Midlands Senior Individual Fencing Championships' (a single reference on the Warwick site).

We also missed nearly all the East Midlands competitions that we could have done. It's crazy! (Although I have now found the East Midlands fencing site -the only reason that I know we missed all the competitions *sigh*).

And so I ask you all, where do you get this information? Where can I get this information? And who has information about the above two? (Appreciating that both competitions above have now been held for this year at least...)

-13th May 2006, 10:44
Your county and region should send out county and regional competition information to all the clubs that they cover at the start of the season. For universities, I think BUSA organise the cometitions as far as I understand it. For me, Sussex and the South-East region send a A5 booklet at the start of the season to our committee that I use to put the fixtures on my club's website. You may want to get your club's committee to contact the county/region/BUSA organisers to get something similar sorted out.

-13th May 2006, 13:13
I know I've told you all this elsewhere Jules, but for the rest.... Not sure if the Warwick competition is actually BUSA yet, ergo it might not be sent out by BUSA. I think they (Warwick) emailed the captain/comp sec with it, same for Keele.
The only way we knew about East Mids comps was thanks to our coach.
The County comps - we have people who go to the county meetings (and organise the competitions) and they forward the relevent info to the rest of the club.
Also helps to have a committee who forward info to the rest of the club when they get it.

-15th May 2006, 14:04
Since you're east mids, you'll find enter forms on www.fencer.co.uk

You can probably join a snail- and e-mailing list to have the Regional competitions calendar & entry forms posted/emailed out to a member of your club (use your Fencing Club c/o AU address; and/or AU email address). Alternatively, you coach/ other local coaches will know about such competitions. Or you could ask around at (eg) BUSA matches. If in doubt, get in touch with the organisers via their websites.

I have absolutely no idea regarding Notts&Derby county, but i'm sure if you PM'ed Foiling Around, he'd be able to give you contact details of the right people to get in touch with.