View Full Version : Starting a club from scratch

-20th May 2006, 08:42
Next year I'm moving to Falmouth College of Art, and they don't have a fencing club. It's likely that I may have to start a club entirely from scratch. I will be able to fence at Falmouth (they only do foil) or Truro, but I think I'm going to miss student fencing. Has anyone here started their own club, and if so do you have any advice?

Another fencer
-20th May 2006, 12:37
See this thread which had a failed/resurrected university club


Another fencer
-20th May 2006, 12:42
You might want to take a look at some of smaller university clubs out there - see the BUSA club guide.


-26th May 2006, 15:31
Thanks, I'm sure I'll work out some way to do it.

Rubber Ducky
-4th June 2006, 01:05
I live in falmouth. monday night foil is pants ....allegededly. wed is my free night. Hendra is painting pictures down here. sounds like the perfect oppertunity!:pirate:

-4th June 2006, 09:56
Lol, well sounds like it might be worth a go then, maybe I'll be able to avoid having to do foil! :mexwave: