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-30th May 2006, 10:47
Hi Guys,

When are the SASF elections? There are rumours that next year will be a monumental one for Scottish Student Fencing...



-30th May 2006, 11:00
I spoke to carter about this and he said it would be done at the AGM, i think this is daft as we should know who the committe is by then otherwise how will the AGM run if it all suddenly changes. Whoever is President needs to know before then so they can do all the things they need to.

-30th May 2006, 11:02
And what rumours have you been hearing?

-30th May 2006, 11:16
They are rumours of an adventure.

-30th May 2006, 13:05
Another one?

You students are so demanding these days! Hedonists the lot of you! You wouldn't have found me enjoying being a student.

-30th May 2006, 14:45
You wouldn't have found me enjoying being a student.That's probably cos you were too hung over:whistle:

-30th May 2006, 14:52
That's probably cos you were too hung over:whistle:

Hello? Pot? Pot! This is kettle calling!!!

The Tooth Fairy
-30th May 2006, 22:37
I agree with Bambi - silly to have vote at the agm. The usual email vote would be a lot more efficient.
Does anyone know if people will be keeping on the same positions as last year or are there likely to be changes?

-30th May 2006, 22:38
There are likely to be changes.

-31st May 2006, 09:26
Student life is all about crazy adventures, its a wonder we actually get a degree at the end of it after all the shenanigans!!

As for positions you going for one MTF??