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-1st June 2006, 15:54
Until this morning, when I looked at the Forum index page, forums with new posts since my last visit were indicated by the noticeboard on the left hand side having two pieces of paper on it. One piece of paper indicated no new messages in that forum.

This appears to have changed, so that two pieces paper appear next to all.

Does anyone know why?

-1st June 2006, 16:37
This happened to me a little while back. I did make a post in here about it. But a few days later, as mysteriously as it appeared, it went away.

Oh, and it's hapenning to me aswell at the moment. It was fine before lunch when I was on here but sometime this afternoon it changed. I haven't changed any settings on my computers, there haven't been any changes on nay of our servers at work, it's hapenning at home aswell.


-2nd June 2006, 07:15
Working properly again now...

-2nd June 2006, 15:31
still playign silly buggers for me. oh well. i'm sure it''' disappear again soon.

-2nd June 2006, 17:34
and now it's stopped agian. :)

-1st July 2006, 10:14
Now everything's unread apparently...

-1st August 2006, 15:06
It's doing it again.....:mad:

EDIT: Just noticed it seems to be doing this at the start of every month. Is this just coincidence?

-1st August 2006, 16:26
Perhaps it belongs in the Life's Little Mysteries thread :D