View Full Version : Entering BUSA next year

-4th June 2006, 14:48
My club (St. George's Hospital/Med School) was set up recently, and we are hoping to enter BUSA in the coming year.

When I rang BUSA before Easter, they said that my Sports Officer (at the Students' Union) would receive a letter about entries for all sports over the holidays, but he didn't.

I'm concerned that we're running out of time - does anyone know the procedure for entering a new team into the BUSA leagues?

-4th June 2006, 19:25
Isn't SGHMS affiliated to the AU of another London Uni?

-5th June 2006, 00:10
BUSA entry lists and forms went in months ago. As far as I remember the deadline was sometime in April.

-6th June 2006, 14:18
Thank you for your swift action in bringing this to my attention, Goldilocks.

I spoke to BUSA today, and they have very kindly allowed us to enter at this late stage.

We are very grateful for your intervention. You must come along and fence sometime (we have made you an honorary member).

Best regards, Adam

-7th June 2006, 16:04
Cool, good luck to you next year. You'd better get promoted tho or else you'll have to deal with a ULU 2nds team the year after.

As for fencing at your club, I'd like to have a look but I'm not in tooting with fencing kit very often these days, and its an awful long way to travel for a club with not many experienced fencers to fence...

-8th June 2006, 17:36
I think I'll let that one stick to the wall