View Full Version : Sabre selection for World Junior & Cadet Championships

Stephen Chivers
-8th June 2006, 13:23
Why is the sabre competition planned for Whitgift School on 25 March 2007 included as a BSC event if the selection date for the World Junior & Cadet Championships is five weeks earlier on 19 February 2007? I appreciate that the selection programme is still in draft at the moment but is there a realistic possibility that either the selection date or the date of this event (or even both dates) will move sufficiently to make it matter?

When will the programme be finalised so that we can ink in the dates that are currently only pencilled?

Neil Brown
-12th June 2006, 22:21
The March event will be after selection. The ranking list will become a 12-month rolling ranking from 07-08 season so this event is effectively part of next year's selection (although probably the least likely to affect selection because of the changing age group).

The dates of the BSC events, the 2 national championships, the FIE events & 3 of the cadet internationals are now final. Still waiting for Pisa date confirmation but this often changes by a week around September.

The latest versions of the junior & cadet selection schemes (from British Fencing) will be out by the end of the week I think.

Stephen Chivers
-12th June 2006, 22:42
Thanks for the explanation Neil.

-15th June 2006, 19:56
Dear Neil,

Thanks too for the explanation. Given the fact that it appears the Whitgift event might be irrelevant I will contact David Sach about the date or need for it.