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-11th June 2006, 20:48
Another great day in Scotland! Epee was well organised and ran to time.
Many thanks to Dusty and the crew for all their hard work. Just wish we could have made it to the party Sat night, Never mind I will remember the way next year

-11th June 2006, 21:55
I would like to add out thanks to the team for the Foil on Saturday which was possibly the best organised Leon Paul we have attended and was my daughter's favourite this year. Hopefully we will be back again in 2007.:thumbs_up

Louis CB
-12th June 2006, 11:31
Who attended boy's epee?

-13th June 2006, 16:17
Glad to hear it went well and sad to have missed it.

Does anyone have the results for the U15 boys foil? Cobweb wants to know.

Many thanks

-15th June 2006, 22:10
The results are with Ben Paul and with the Wallace web master.
They're not up yet.
Contact destecroix@blueyonder.co.uk if you want a copy now

-16th June 2006, 20:12
I notice the results are now up on the LP site, although the rankings have not yet been amended.