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-15th June 2006, 22:35
Though I know it would be a bit harder work for the points co-ordinator if things change, but the current points system does not seem to be as effecive as it could be as small events get the same number of points as large ones.

Has a points multiplier been considered on entry numbers?

Seems mad that an event with 2 entries (West Dorset U12 boys) last year gets the same points for the winner as whitgift U12 Boys with 41 entries or Brixton with 24. Even madder that the fencer who came last at W.D. get same points as 2nd at Whitgift who is placed above 39 others?

If you actually count it up the entry of the 6 other event (i.e. not Brixton or Whigift) the total entries in the U12 boys was only 26, averaging under 5 per event.

Not sure of best way to do it but would be interested if the LP team involved had any thoughts?

-16th June 2006, 09:16
Given the purpose of the LPJS (fun introductory competition), it makes sense for all of the competitions to be equal, otherwise people would never bother with the smaller ones, and it would be more difficult to start a new competition. Same goes for the FIE rankings...