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-14th August 2003, 16:53
Does anyone know which day the Leicester LPJS Foil tournament will be held or for that matter the venue? All the info I can see is weekend of 6-7 Sept.

It seems somewhat archaic that one has to write to the event organiser with a SAE then wait for them to reply to get information as basic as that.

Maybe all they can commit to is a weekend and a county but to have to rely on snail mail to find out is really third world.

I might be being a bit harsh and there's probably a website link I didn't click on that has the info, if so can someone kindly share with me.


Chris Morgan
-16th August 2003, 14:54
ill try and find out for you i know the evnt organiser John Kennedy.

-16th August 2003, 22:49
Originally posted by Chris Morgan
ill try and find out for you i know the evnt organiser John Kennedy. Cheers. :cheers2:
May the forum force be with you.

-18th August 2003, 14:21
Hi Tubby,
The venue is the same as before at Garendon (I think) High School in Loughboro.
I think I still have a form at home so if you want you can have that. I have already sent my boys form in. We are away at Millfield at the moment so will sort it when I get back at the weekend.
To my knowledge it runs over 2 days I am almost sure that my boy is Sat.

-19th August 2003, 00:38
Hi Vikki
hope you're enjoying looking after all those kids!!!!!!!! and that the lad is having an equally good time.

It would be great if the girls were on the Sunday as it would mean I could play cricket on the Saturday then drive down that night. If its Loughborough I may be able to drive down Sunday morning and save some pennies.

The girl hasn't lifted a foil for 6 weeks and is sick in bed with god knows what at the mo, so is really out of shape and missing her weekly fencing sessions.

Catch up with you when you're back.


-19th August 2003, 14:13
If it is Sat would you like me to take her that way you can play cricket as well or maybe we could all go down together that would make the most sense.I am pretty sure that we are all on together .
Yes J is having great time he does not even want to talk with me.
I on the other hand am having a major prob with 15-16yrs olds trying to keep them in the right place at the right time!! Boys and goirls in the same house but different wings. My running shoes are wearing out!!(And if any of you monsters read this , Yes ,I am the House Mother from Hell!! although you should be happy with the food I bought you last night!)
If I get back from this Madhouse lets talk over the weekend

-19th August 2003, 23:08
It will be some time yet before I part ways with the girl when she's fencing, I'd never be forgiven and thats just the missus nevermind the coach. Missed most of the cricket season anyway, what with fencing, our hols to Aus, fencing, the coming test match at Headingley........

With the boy now fencing he and his mother may want to tag along to give moral support etc etc etc.

Speak with you soon.

-3rd September 2003, 12:35

I have some juniors entering this LPJS competition and as I see you guys are very knowledgable on this competition I need your help.....

Do you have a phone number or email address for the organiser so I can check whether our juniors have successfully entered the Leic LPJS?

In anticipation of your response, thank you.


-3rd September 2003, 15:15
You should have a number on the entry form, unforunately mine seems to have done a runner since I have been away!! Otherwise I would give it to you.

-3rd September 2003, 15:48
Entry form????? - they do entry forms for the LPJS! :confused:

Is there a secret society you have to be a member of to obtain these entry forms?!?

Perhaps Barry should request entry forms put on the LP site?

This would stop stupid people like me asking stupid questions :dizzy: :o

Anyway, before I forget the last remnants of manners, thanks for your reply vikkia.........

-3rd September 2003, 16:55
OH YES I am part of the secret society!! ..nudge nudge..wink wink I picked up my entry form at one of the last competitions we did. If you call that secret.
I too have not had any conformation that my boys entry has gone in but then that never does happen I would be better checking bank statements to see that the cheque has gone through instead I just trust to luck and ...so far it has worked!!
How many kids have you got going down and are you going aswell?
And yes I totally agree that we should have the entry forms on-line.

-3rd September 2003, 20:02
Originally posted by vikkia
And yes I totally agree that we should have the entry forms on-line. Hear Hear

-3rd September 2003, 22:59
I couldn't agree more, Tubby. It's no good them going into the Sword when it's only out 3 times a year, the littlies only get one of those, and some of us DON'T RECEIVE OUR OWN COPY AT ALL, even tho' I pay the boy's subs. It's a good idea to have a batch of the next few comps entry forms at the check in desk for each comp.

AND ANOTHER THING: the details are not always correct in the booklets that we can usually pick up at the last comp of the season, and dates change etc. Wouldn't it be a "good thing" to have the info on the LPJS site up to date so that we can check before we send in the forms, hmm?? or have the facility for LP to email us calendar changes, a bit like bfcal and John Ramsay??

Not that I'm on a crusade or anything, you understand......and I know BP is trying to get problems resolved, but......

-4th September 2003, 11:05
Seems like a fairly unanimous point of view.......


I shan't be at the LPJS (at least not on Saturday) as I am competing in the Essex...........but must remember to add silly blue lights to my windscreen washers........

and perhaps a green tinted banner across my windscreen, perhaps saying 'Prometheus Minerva'........ Cool :cool:

Andy W.
-5th September 2003, 22:13
Glad we were not the only ones to have difficulty entering due to lack of mythical form. Wrote off in July for a form and we're still waiting.

-5th September 2003, 22:28
According to Simon T, generally the organisers don't like to give out their contact phone numbers as they get overwhelmed with enquiries like where and when (strangely enough), and he won't give them out because if the organiser wanted it public knowledge they would have done so (which is fair enough).

Some organisers (Sherwood and Ashton) put the form on the internet, either on their website or on the BFA. Some you have to chase by Royal Mail.:sumo:

Right, now to start hunting for the Durham entry form.................

-6th September 2003, 00:06
If you go onto www.bfcdurham.org.uk/events/e2.asp, it's last years form, but I'm sure it will do. It's the same week end, Or ring my mate Averil Clark on 01429 882369 (I think that's still her number) as she puts it on the forms anyway. And send her my love....................;) ;)

MUST get all the relevant info and forms onto the site for next year.....it's the only way..............;) ;)

-6th September 2003, 02:00
I use an old form for teh Wrexham Open thi year and ended up doing foil when I could have done sabre - so let that be an awful warning about old forms.

And I am really posting this latye as I've just revamped teh club website for the new season and the machine crashed for the first time since I got it in February.


-6th September 2003, 23:49
Poor RDB 18....I take your point entirely, but when the event is Durham LPJS FOIL and the event is being run by the same peeps in the same venue, I think we can let it go. But as a general rule, in this instance, you Are right, my dear.

And computers are a b....dy nuisance, I agree ;) ;)

So who won then??? I know who won the <15 boys, so how about Tubby's gang, and Vikkia - fess up, please......

-7th September 2003, 17:28
Caitlin was joint 3rd with Rebecca, Genevive 2nd and Olivia 1st. Well done to all the girls. The final was 10-9 with Genevive coming from 4-8 down to 9-8 then assault point. A very good match. Olivia now leads the table so Durham and Cambridge become even more crucial to the top 3.

Jamie came 8th.

The Durham Foil entry form was on the registration desk so I snagged one even though I'd already printed last years form and crossed out the dates! (Great minds Maggs).

The Cambridge form was taped to the desk with "Don't Remove" written on it, no other copies - what a tease!

But worse of all - having overnighted in Loughborough got to the venue with time to spare, warmed up - told that the first round was to start in 10 minutes - looked in the bag - wife had packed the son's jacket - 2 sizes too small - wallet got hammered for 85+ on top of the new foil 142+.


Andy W.
-7th September 2003, 21:47
Congratulations to Caitlin and everyone else. Looks like a cliff hanger of an ending, although Olivia has looked better and better as the season has gone on. We'd like to have been there too but as I said before couldn't get the organiser to send us a form!
Still we should be at Cambridge ( we managed to get a form for that one at Portsmouth! Could email you a copy if its any use?) - although I've just found out it clashes with our local county Championships.:dogs:

Andy W.
-7th September 2003, 21:52
Tubby, what's your foil made of at 140?

-7th September 2003, 22:15
Hi Andy,
We keep wondering if we'd see Lucy again. Saw the result in Portsmouth. Congrats to her.

Caitlin was 5-0 up in the semi and Genevive came back to win 5-6 on time. Genevive nearly did the same in the final. She's very tenacious.

As for the foil, yes on reading back it does sound as if I forked out 140+ for the foil. The foil was 50something quid plus the jacket = no nights out for a month.

I've found the Cambridge LPJS form on the Cambridge Cadets website. I suppose we'll not see you there as you'll need Lucy to get a placing for entry into the BYC next year. I think Caitlin may have a bye, I'm not sure, but she'll still do the regional.

-8th September 2003, 00:02
Well, I finally got the answers to all my questions and arrived on Sunday only to find that the U9 I had there was feeling 'off colour'........

Anyway - spent the afternoon presiding the Girls U9 - there was some nice fencing in it too!

Alex Read, I think, won with Claudia Mullins second - although by then I was quite tired and may not have that quite right (Essex on Saturday - 1/2 hour late for check in and a mad rush to get ready......then lost my 1st DE 14 13 in the extra minute!!! - as my coach says - preperation..... :( )

Though had some nice toasted cheese sandwiches in return for presiding..........hmmmm - food :homer2: :foodhungr

-8th September 2003, 00:09

Simon has asked the U9s to write a short article on why they started fencing? or something like that - hint: don't ask an U9 to explain what they have been told by someone - talk about chinese whispers! ;)

Barry Paul
-8th September 2003, 10:49
Entry Forms on Website
Already working on this and hope to include them for next season.
One of the other problem is some organisers wait to see the entry before deciding which day the various age group/sex competition will run on so the details of actual day are left off the entry form. This can cause problems with some entries and for parents to organise well in advance. I will see what can be done.

The other possibility I am working on is the possibility of an online entry and payment system system. One problem is that not all the LPJS organisers are on the web.
Barry Paul

-8th September 2003, 23:10
Well done everyone at Leicester LPJS foil, and thanks, Barry : not only do you say that you listen to us, but you SHOW us that you do, too. Big and multi MWAH's for you.:o :o

I understand organisers being a bit cagey with which comps which day, but it sure as heck don't help us lot who have club members to haul around - and I will not have youngsters out overnight if they are not my own, and particularly if they are not competing the next day. Cambridge is pushing it for us without an overnight stop the night before, but at least it's all over on one day.......:(

-9th September 2003, 13:40
Oopsie, I was supposed to be helping ref at this comp, but ended up working instead *cough* My coach is gonna kill me...