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-21st June 2006, 13:13
Hello All,

It has just been brought to my attention that a spammer has signed up to fencing.net and is harvesting ALL publicly available addresses and is attempting to solicit cash. I don't imagine that anyone is liable to fall for such stupid phishing attacks here, and they don't appear to have arrived yet but, to avoid any unfortunate incidents I am posting this warning here.

This is the message they have been using over at fencing.net:

I am Mis Zain Shaikh, the student of Sociology in University of Sindh, Actualy, today fortunately I got your name and E-mail address from your website and I have also heard a lot about the obliging nature of the people of your country, so hopefully decided to request you about the medical treatment of my brother.
My elder brother was caught by colon cancer, and a few months ago he got himself operated for colontomy operation, in which his affected piece of colon cancer was cut-off as his liver was also affected by cancer, so he has been given more than four chemotherapy cycles. Now the doctors say that still cancer is spreading and he needs more chemotherapy and continues cancer treatment .You can not even imagine that in my country how much expensive is the cancer treatment and We have almost sold out our every thing for the operation of my brother and as we belong to the very poor family so it has become back-breaking for us to afford more medical expense for my brother. I have even tried to approach all medical foundations here in my country but none of them has given us any positive reply, so after being hopeless from all corners, I am sending you this personal request for the sake of humanity.
I will be highly thankful and ever grateful to you, if you kindly help us financially for the further treatment of my brother, I can send you all the medical reports and record of medical for your kind help. You can not even think that what a difficult position we r facing because of the most expensive medical charges of cancer treatment. Please for the sake of humanity help us for the further Treatment of my brother. I do not request you for any handsome help but even if you help us for just a few dollars ( $1000 to 2000), it will be a great help for my brother b/c in this stage we do not have even money to pay the visit fee of doctor. I will be keenly waiting for your reply.

Yours truly,
Miss. Zain Shaikh.
E-mail: zain_iu@hotmail.com
mail me on my above id only,

I imagine that they will use some variation on this.

It's not even badly written ... badly written spams are at least funny.