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-21st July 2006, 10:47
Finally the new system for LPJS rankings and competition results is up and running. The system should allow people to find results faster and allow me to update them quicker.
See here:

The system must have the full LPJS ID numbers so for some entries who did not use the LPJS number your result will be held here:
If your name is on this list or you were at Coventry then you need to contact lpjs@leonpaul.com with your lpjs id, surname, first name, club, age group, event and position. Please note that changes may take up to 28 days.
I can then simply cross reference your position and input the correct LPJS ID number.

Competition organisers will receive a letter with a CD and full instructions on how to send me the results in the correct format. More information will soon be available here: http://www.leonpaul.com/lpjs/help_lpjs.htm
But please note I am very busy at the moment and am about to go on Holiday for 1 weeks camping in France so things may move predictably slowly. Thanks for your patients in advance.
Ben Paul
AKA King Kenny
AKA The LPJS co-ordinator

-21st July 2006, 11:54
Cool. Very cool.:cool:

Science guy
-21st July 2006, 12:10
I agree with PE. It looks fantastic :thumbs_up :thumbs_up :thumbs_up

-21st July 2006, 12:20
Looks great KK.

Well done:thumbs_up

-21st July 2006, 12:32
The coolest thing is if you go to rank and then roll your mouse over the points it pops up with a breakdown of the events where you got the points :) SWEET

-21st July 2006, 12:33
In the rankings when you roll over the points the 4 largest results are shown and the competition is this obvious enough? Did you all see it?

-21st July 2006, 12:42
Should it be "Check your rank" not "Check you rank"?

PS the roll-over thing doesn't work in Opera (does in Firefox). Also, I'm assuming that the numbers given as 'results' in that are points - you could add a key at the bottom to explain points vs positions.

-21st July 2006, 12:55
Should it be "Check your rank" not "Check you rank"?
You spotted my deliberate mistake well done.

PS the roll-over thing doesn't work in Opera
Do I look bothered! (in the voice of an annoying girl) :)

-22nd July 2006, 11:14
looks great, the four best results when you go over the points is a nice touch :thumbs_up

-22nd July 2006, 22:01
Very nifty.
A couple of folk at the LPJS foil at Bude today were complaining that some rankings weren't right and were worried they wouldn't get sorted before Cambridge, but this should make it much easier to see what's what.
The U15 girls looks totally OK to me, by the way.

Foilling Around
-22nd July 2006, 22:15
The U15 boys is not right, but I will send my version in as a check for Alex

Barry Paul
-23rd July 2006, 08:40
The A team is on holiday till next monday so don't expect any changes for a week.

Next season we will only accept results in the correct format so the input to the results will be automatic. Rubbish in rubbish out!! But from now on it will be either the indivduals or the competition organisers mistake.

-23rd July 2006, 20:04
Ruddy pda on gprs, can't access the new rankings and results. Shall have to find a cyber cafe down here in pixie land to check them out. Though if the above says that its the business it will be.

-23rd July 2006, 21:09
Is it just me, or can't you see individual competition results? I can get the overall rankings, with the new funky 'best 4' feature, but not detail on individual competitions for this season.

-23rd July 2006, 21:44
These can be seen if you choose the 2nd option i.e "Select a competition below". However, you can only look at one at a time.

All in all I think this is a much better layout that is easy to use.

Good one :thumbs_up :thumbs_up :thumbs_up :thumbs_up :thumbs_up

-23rd July 2006, 23:10
The U15 boys is not right, but I will send my version in as a check for Alex

Sorry to bring it up yet again but the U15 boys is still wrong. Tom Hendrie, who has won Eton, Sherwood, Portsmouth and Bude dosn't even feature in the results any more. Otherwise looks great

-24th July 2006, 20:50
Apart from Tom Hendrie, there's also Kati Cohen-Gorden, Steven Williams, James Thomas and Tom Fletcher who were all in the top 8 before Cornwall and are missing from the current list, presumably due to problems with their LPJS ID numbers.

Kingkenny, I'm pm-ing you as well with what we think the rankings and results should be.

-1st August 2006, 12:48
Ok I am going through fixing results some organisers did not provide IDs so its really hard to fix. I will be going through for the next 4 days trying to correct stuff. Please email
LPJS@leonpaul.com with any mistakes you see over the coming days. Please note I may not be able to respond to emails as I am so busy right now.

-1st August 2006, 13:17
I think it looks awesome. nice job :)