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-23rd August 2003, 19:59
I happened to take a look at the Blue Gauntlet site and I wanted to know: are they producing their own masks?
I thought they were only giving names to other manufacturers brands, but I see masks that are named "BG".
Are they as good as the major brands (LP, Allstar/Uhlmann, Negrini, etc...)?

-23rd August 2003, 22:10
Has anyone used Blue Gauntlet FIE mask? How is it? Isn't it oddly similar in shape to the old LP style (I have an old LP one in my club)?

-26th August 2003, 18:35
Mr.Chen (owner of BG) has a very close relationship with the JL factory in China- BG's gear is produced there, and they will typically make things to spec for him. BG has their own-brand items for just about everything, and then carries Uhlmann and Allstar as their high-end lines. The masks are a decent budget model (very nice for outfitting a club), though I wouldn't rate them equal to the Uhlmann/Allstar, LP, Negrini, or Prieur in terms of the durability of the mesh.