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-28th August 2003, 17:50
re the original question - Assuming we are talking foil I would suggest a French grip is the best to start with but I don't agree that you can't get finger control with a pistol grip. No real need to over complicate matters - start with French, learn to use the fingers and when confident (but you will still be learning) try and ortho/pistol grip. I know of club fencer who never chaneg from French. Depends on skill and aspiration perhaps

-12th September 2003, 14:31
Same applies to epee. Of the coaches at my club, one only uses french and the other either a pistol of an extra-long french grip. I find the pistol grip makes it difficult to keep opposition, but if you prefer to fight with absence then it's very helpful.

-7th October 2003, 23:40
Winwaloe im a foilist myself and prefer to fence with a french grip!! I find i have great deal more freedom of movement than if i used a ortho/pistol grip:itchskrat

-8th October 2003, 09:11
The whole finger play between french and ortho' is overstated. I find that I can get decent point control with with either a french or an ortho. The ortho gives you more strength when parrying as your hand is in a better position an that's about the only difference. With a french grip my arm invariably gets tired very quickly - this is due to pommeling [and the fact that I am not used to it].

I'll reiterate again that when you are using a french or an ortho that you shouldn't see a difference in point control - if you are using either correctly.

-8th October 2003, 12:15
I have to say that I prefer a Pistol grip, for both epee and foil. I find the french grip awkward, and I'm not able to get a strong grip, so I keep getting disarmed by beat attacks.:(

I think that it really is just a matter of personal taste and preference. I know someone who doesn't like pistol or orthopaedic grips because they don't look like 'proper' sword handles.:tongue:

-8th October 2003, 13:01
and at the end of the day it's all down the your own personal choice of hangle/grip! wether your a foilist, epeeist or sabreuer!:sauve: