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-29th August 2006, 16:30
Dear All,

The 2nd Bedford Leon Paul Sabre is being held on Sunday 24 September 2006 at Bedford School.

As we are hoping to have a larger event than last year we would encourage parents, coaches and clubs to get their junior sabreurs to enter this event.

We are hoping to hold the final fights and have a prize giving en gala at about 3.30-4.00pm depending on numbers.

Last year we had entries from most of the main clubs including, Laszlo's, Bath Sword, Brentwood, Bedford FC, NLSC, Camden and many others. This year we are again expecting an overseas entry from Belgium with a team from the St Michael's Fencing Guild of Ghent (the oldest fencing club in the World).

Entry forms are available on the leonpaul website at:-


More information is also available at www.bedfordsabre.com

As a reminder, clubs who enter four to 7 fencers should provide a referee. Clubs entering more than 8 fencers should provide two referees.

If there are any sabre referees who are available to help referee this event then please get in contact with me as soon as possible.

Any questions then let me know.

Best wishes.

Peter Wright

-27th September 2006, 08:31
The results are now added and a big congratulations for being the firt organiser to provide all the results in the correct format! :not_worth :not_worth :not_worth :not_worth

free spirit
-1st October 2006, 19:38
Thanks to Peter Wright and his team
Not only was it well run and smooth (at least that's what it appeared to be like) BUT the FINALS were very much a reminder of a well run World Championship Vets competition that took place in Bath..
Coffee, sandwiches and cakes to a very high standard.\Three cheers to the volunteers
All the fencers and referees saluting the audience before engaging into their finals. I say you are preparing them for the future.
Well done! Looking forward to the next one.