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-8th September 2006, 00:53
Judging by the number of threds of - I've lost, left, picked up the wrong...etc, would a lost and found section be beneficial? It was a number of weeks before all the kit left at the Sheffield Open was returned to it's owners, perhaps a lost and found section would speed the process


-8th September 2006, 10:29
Yeah, could be handy... I'll second that one.

-8th September 2006, 11:40
i'll erm...third that lol.

very good idea :thumbs_up

-9th September 2006, 20:13
Great idea to have a lost and found section.
I lost a pair of D'artagnan ll at the Millfield course. The are a bit worn out so they were probably picked up in error. Might have 'Mum' written inside which is really useful to anyone who found them!!

-9th September 2006, 21:35
Rather than a whole new section, why not just ask Gav to move this thread to tournaments, and make it a sticky?

A whole section sounds a bit like overkill.



Sumerian Haze
-11th September 2006, 11:31
Hmm... that might get full rather quickly. I'm prepared to bet that a lot more people will actually post about their lost/found kit simply because there is a section, or even a thread, specifically devoted to lost kit retrieval wherein they can.

Adam the Flatulent
-11th September 2006, 11:50
Also if you just have a thread people are less likley to check the whole thing I know that I would get really bored looking through a whole thread looking for something/someone. Whereas if there was a section then I would be more likley to look through the different titles to see something missing.


-11th September 2006, 12:31
It strikes me that a "Lost and Found" section wouldn't be used.

There is a BIG difference between asking this board "Did anyone ..." and advertising what you, the organiser has found lying about. In fact the latter seems pretty rare.

In general; it does no harm to ask if anyone has seen something lying about, but I would recommend contacting the organisers directly. To date I can't think of a time when I've seen someone reply with "Yeah, I have it".

I strongly suspect that a Lost and Found section would just never be used.

-23rd September 2006, 22:07
Gav is right. There are a lot of lost and found threds but not that many. People should just post it in the right place and they will get a good answer.