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Touché Turtle
-8th September 2006, 21:56
Was listening to Radio 2 tonight - an interview with Sir Steve Redgrave. He was talking about a website being launched on Monday called Sportsbite. The idea is for it to be a central news point for Olympic sports, particularly the minority ones. So people can go to the one site and see the latest news from all sports included in the Olympics, giving publicity to the lesser known sports even when its not an Olympic year.
Anyway, here's the link for the fencing page http://www.sportsbite.com/index.pl?cat=FENCING It appears to be limited to 2005, probably when the page was first written. :upset: What do you think?

Overall it sounds like it may be a good idea, but if they do a major launch on Monday people are going to look at the fencing page and see its rather old. Has anybody else heard about this? Can we get some up to date stuff on there? Does anyone know how we could get regular snippets on the "this weeks news" feature? Could be a handy publicity tool if it is used properly.

-21st September 2006, 16:40
Had a quick look at this. There is a 'Have Your Say' contact box, so if someone wanted to be fencing correspondant they could get in touch. Alternatively, click the name of the site designer and developer, and see if she is still involved....

The old news covers European competition, so it would need a network of people covering events and reporting to perhaps one contact who then passes content on to the site?