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-3rd September 2003, 15:59
Wouldn't it be a good idea to have Entry forms on the LPJS section of the LP Website.

I can't count the occasions that parents at my club ask me where these can be found?

-3rd September 2003, 16:47
Having just spoken to the co ordinator of the series he assures me that he is working on having this done for all events for 2004. At present some events do have them on their web site other toms you either have to write or email.

-3rd September 2003, 23:02
Have just posted my comments and suggestions on the Leicester thread. Have the entry forms all on the LPJS site, I say....as well as updates and RESULTS !!!!! I know Simon does what he can, but I always want MORE..............:mad: :mad: :moon:

Barry Paul
-8th September 2003, 10:40
Already working on this and hope to include them for next season.
One of the other problem is some organisers wait to see the entry before deciding which day the various age group/sex competition will run on so the details of actual day are left off the entry form. This can cause problems with some entries and for parents to organise well in advance. I will see what can be done.

The other possibility I am working on is the possibility of an online entry and payment system system. One problem is that not all the LPJS organisers are on the web.
Barry Paul

-8th September 2003, 23:19
....but I'm sure we could get around that somehow - we could have a multi entry form for all the comps in the season that a child could do, and LP could coordinate with each organiser....silly idea? probably: been a weird day today, so wierd ideas sloshing around....

But thanks for listening re the entry forms : I guess most organisers have connections to a club that may be on the web, or have someone on t'committee who is on email?? There HAS to be a way around this.....will think about it. Anyone else got the solution??;) ;)

-9th September 2003, 12:54
You could use an internet cafe (or homing pigeons for the Yorkshire contingent). Or just print out the results and post them, or send one email to a ork address. Not being web connected is pretty rare these days.

Once you've built the e-mail reponder, it isn't too difficult to fire it to multiple recipients.

-9th September 2003, 13:00
I have seen American services that convert e-mail to regular post, but nothing in th UK (and they weren't cheap).

-9th September 2003, 22:01
....homing pideons and cloth caps are LANCASHIRE, dear.......

-9th September 2003, 22:42
Not according to a copy of the Whitby Gazette I saw.

-10th September 2003, 08:35
Lancashire is full of dark satanic mills and yorkshire is a green and pleasant land - at least according to my mother who is Harrogate born & bred.....;)

-10th September 2003, 11:37
You are obviously a VERY well bred person Prometheus!!:)
and I totally agree with your mother.

-10th September 2003, 12:01
I am invariably reminded of the folk song The Dalesmans Litany - "From Hull, Hell and Halifax, Good Lord deliver me".

As well as the history of Yorkshire cricket - "We don't play it for fun".

-10th September 2003, 12:13
"From Hull, Hell and Halifax, Good Lord deliver me".

Having fenced in Halifax (the Huddersfield open) I can understand the comment - but I understand Hull has improved - a large fish tank or something???

Anyway RDB before you go too far you don't want to 'Barny wit yorkshire lass'


Lancashire: Where the men were men.......
..................and so were the women! :tongue:

-10th September 2003, 22:00
Originally posted by Rdb811
"From Hull, Hell and Halifax, Good Lord deliver me".

Version of this I know as the thieves Litany From Hell Hull and Halifax Lord deliver me - Apparently Hull and Halifax were places of public execution in a manner not liked by the local thieves. Something along the lines of "off with his head".

-10th September 2003, 23:01
Thanks - I couldn't remember the order.

To quote from:


Tim Hart and Maddy Prior recorded this song for their first duo album Folk Songs of Old England Vol. 1.

It's hard when folks can't find their work
Where they've been bred and born
When I was young I always thought
I'd bide amidst fruits and corn
But I've been forced to work in towns
So here's my litany
From Hull and Halifax and Hell
Good Lord deliver me

-10th September 2003, 23:07
lol and lol again !!!

Would that I were a Yorkie - Brummie I am, but me kids are Yorkies, born and bred. We don't have much to do with Whitby - that's nearly in Scotland......

Hull is striving to be one of the top 10 cities in GB, you know - so we'll have to have at least one LPJS comp here - 2 in Yorkshire already. Our big fish tank is apparently called a submarium - can't wait to see that one make the dictionary. I'm told it's ok when the exhibits are working (not the fish, you understand).

We've also got a fab new sports stadium (about 400 yards as the sea gull flies from my front door), about 25,000 seats - footie and rugby league played there, and a good sports complex that could probably hold a good comp - but would you lot come up to play ???

Don't know about the hanging reputation, but they were stroppy buggers in the past - we might be Kingston (Kings town) upon (the river) Hull, but they closed the gates on King Billy and wouldn't let him in. Lots of smuggling, tho', and a street called Land of Green Ginger....

THings are getting better here (been here since '73), but I couldn't vouch for either Halifax or Hell - they could be right gradley for al I ken.

Gorra goo an stick me bairns in bed nah. Tarra a bit ;) ;)

-11th September 2003, 00:59
That works out at 10 seats per spectator - neither form of football flourishing there at the moment.

I still haven't recovered from the news that Liverpool is to be a European City of Culture. Still, if you want a cathederal, we've got one to spare.

(I should point out that I am from the opposite side of the Mersey but dcended from long line of Lancastrians).

-13th September 2003, 11:01
Perhaps not surprisingly, the sell outs for the stadium have been the openning, Boxong day last year (it openned December 2002), a concernt with Elton John and David Sneddon, and a couple of weeks ago, a Westlife plus support do. B noisy they was, but neighbours sat out in the front garden with a barbie and booze, apparently, nd paid nowt. True Yorkies, not unlike the Scots, if only ion that respect....................

Now, as for entry forms on the net..................YES PLEASE;) ;)