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-5th September 2003, 14:18
Has anyone heard who is in the Mens foil team for the Worlds yet?

It was deffered to the 1st September......

Just curiosity on my part - I guess it was defered for the outcome of the Kruse appeal?

-6th September 2003, 21:47
Are you sure you've qualified? Even the highest GBR foilist on the FIE rankings is quite low.

-6th September 2003, 22:33
Well, today I found out , on good authority - no less than Keith Smith -

that the MF team is:

James Beevers
Laurence Halstead
Richard Kruse
David Mansour

Reposte - The selection criteria is stated on BFA website as:

The qualifying standard for WC selection means at least one L16 and one L32, or one L 8 (or better) result/s in nominated A-grade competitions in the period of 12 months prior to the selection date

plus, in my view how much they may have upset the Committee.....

I'm sure Laurence will be keen to debate the merits of the British squad in terms of the FIE ranking list......you have been warned ;)

-7th September 2003, 10:13
Are you sure you've qualified? Even the highest GBR foilist on the FIE rankings is quite low.

This isn't relevant. Every country with an FIE recognised governing body is entitled to enter fencers into the Worlds.
The only restrictions are those that imposed upon their own fencers y the governing bodies - in the UK this means a L8 or a L16+L32.

-11th September 2003, 12:31
I heard from Peter (Joppich) and Ralf (Bissdorf) what happened in Havana with Richard Kruse and how he was black-carded for swearing after losing 15-14 in the last 4. You can be sure that if he had fenced for one of the top fencing countries, Germany included, the referee would never have dared black card him for swearing only. I only hope that he gets the credit for his result with your federation. He has certainly reached the qualifying standard. My British friends tell me this was the best result you've achieved at senior level for more than twenty years.

Love Sabine

ps Peter thinks the last hit was definitely his.

-11th September 2003, 13:25
Ooops - seems the word is out!

(Sabine have a look on the forum under World Championships!)

-12th September 2003, 19:19
I move to ban all people who are located in an enviable fencing venues to state so on their details.
The frustrated foilists on this forum are already at their very edge...

-18th September 2003, 16:18
so where does Tomer Or fence? he seems to have done alright in israel.

-18th September 2003, 19:34
There are a couple of decent clubs that bring you to a good national on brink of international level. From that point on you have to train abroad. If I'm not mistaken, I don't know him personably, he trains somewhere in Germany. He himself is from Hapoel Haifa, and there is a decent pool of international if not first circuit fencers as Effenberg and Leviatan there. Haifa and another place nearer Tel Aviv are the two foremost foil teams in Israel.

See my own posting to your own thread regarding cheapsticks and money regarding the level of fencing in Israel and Britain.