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-13th October 2006, 12:21
There will be a fencing stand.
There will not however be hot drinks or food due to new facility rules. Cold drinks and food will be available as usual.

Touché Turtle
-7th November 2006, 13:31
Have just realised that my daughter's entry may have gone astray as the cheque I sent ages ago still hasn't been cashed. :eek:
Does anyone have a contact phone number for Nick Bane, who is down as the organiser? (you can PM me) The entry info online only gives an address and asks for post entries only, so I can't call to check that all's well...

-20th November 2006, 07:03
Great comp.Ran well, thanks for a great day.

Touché Turtle
-20th November 2006, 13:11
Unfortunately couldn't make it this year. Were there any end of year series prizes given out? (as I seem to remember last year), and if so, how many in each age group?

*wondering if junior might get a little something....:whistle: *

-20th November 2006, 19:12
yes, the last eight all got t-shirts and the 1st place in each age group got a £100 leon paul voucher, 2nd place £50 and 3rd £25

Touché Turtle
-20th November 2006, 22:37
Thanks for the reply. Have now been in touch with KK and await a shirt for Junior with anticipation! :thumbs_up

-21st November 2006, 12:25
I don't care if I sound like a suck up and I've got to say it in all good conscience - To Leon Paul for this Series, thank you, thank you, thank you. :thumbs_up

The LPJS has been instrumental in cemeting Unicorn's passion for this sport. There have been some splendidly run competitions along the way. The past 3 seasons have been great and each year has been surpassed by the next. It's likely that this is Unicorn's last season in the Foil Junior Series and she will miss it, mainly for the friends she has made and may not see on the Open circuit from January (and the odd £100-£200 of vouchers every year was more than welcomed). Also she has commented on the ambience she will miss, LPJS is warm and cuddlely, Opens are stark and harsh.

One of the many great things about the series is the friendly atmosphere. Ok, there have been comps where we, and I'm talking parents now, have got out of hand, but that should not detract from what is being achieved by the series. No one sets out to run a bad comp or want to use poor refs and sure we should expect to have the best, nevertheless at the heart of it all is that there is a movement of volunteers that are giving of their time and their well being to make something happen for kids. And to them I also say, THANK YOU. :not_worth

Uni's little brother, should he keep his interest in the sport, will be around next season and therefore so shall I. :nanananan