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-8th September 2003, 11:21
Following on a slightly seperate thread from the coloured masks issue (still a touchy subject for some sabourers), where do people typically go to get national designs on their uniforms.

More importantly - how flamboyant can you be?

I know that Marcos and myself both need to bear national colours, which for the IAFF at least consists of a little flag stiched onto the leg of your breeches. But I wanna be a little more flash than that. Fenwick I noticed has a flag and IRL painted directly onto his breeches. For myself, that's not really an option (I'm using LP Sydney breeches which have an inconvenient seam), but at the same time I'm not looking to be as flash as Jon Willis (although the union jack design was jaw droppingly awesome).

So what have people had/want to do/done to their beloved white uniforms and where did they get it done?


-"I did HOW bad at Hamlet???"

-9th September 2003, 03:59
standard green and gold colors for me:)

-9th September 2003, 12:44
with a baggy green mask ?

-9th September 2003, 13:26
And a pouch on his jacket for the young Joey :tongue:

-10th September 2003, 00:00
i'll be in the uk/europe next year so i'm tempted to buy one of the colored allstar masks..... :grin:

green of course..... :tongue:

-12th September 2003, 14:15
Australian wrote:
standard green and gold colors for me
Not a load of little arrows then? :grin:

-2nd October 2003, 15:56
or a long metal tubular helmet............oops sorry that was ned kelly:grin:

3 Card Trick
-3rd October 2003, 08:26
Going back to the original question, the only National Design that is permitted is FIE.

-5th October 2003, 11:07
thus green and gold :tongue: