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-26th October 2006, 17:19
I know there have been a lot of threads recently from youtube so sorry if they're beginning to get boring. I've just decided to upload videos from our camera and thought some of you might like to see.

first video is the second half of Palasz (pol)/Tarantino (ita) L32 mens sabre quite an exciting fight!

second video is Jojos (Hutchison) last 64 Vs Vila (esp)

I will put more on soon got some of poz, lapkes, pina, smart and lopez (in mens sabre) + womens sabre semis and final. Keep a look out.

off fencing now, later NH

-27th October 2006, 08:24
couldn't get the first to work

any chance you could send me a couple on email?


-27th October 2006, 10:43
yeah i removed the first because i realised when i got home yesterday that it was only 30 seconds long. I'm going to try and get them up soon and i'll be able to post the new web adresses. if i don't post, just search for 'neilhutchison' on the youtube site in the next few days; it should be there.

-29th October 2006, 18:16
Some random and quite cool video's that you have posted there monobrow. Good use of Basement Jax in the car one and with the exception of the end with a half naked Asylum Seeker (wish I had been warned to have my sunglasses handy) a wicked video all round. How did you make the one with the shoes??? Are you using a mac to do your editing? Liked the ones of Global Gathering, reminded me of my youth ;-) I must admit I got a little nervous of the one where it begins with you and 5 guys in a room and the initial music was Queens One Vision but was relieved to see that it was football related ;-)

-4th November 2006, 20:11
A bit aged but I have both the individual and team mens sabre finals from 2005 Leipzig Worlds.

The individual I've already linked to on YouTube, anyone who wants the team let me know and I'll pop it on a CD.

Quality is 'ok', sound is very quiet, but it's not too bad and as the commentary is in Italian you're not missing much :)

Fencing Video's highlighs of 2006 Men's sabre final, the last period, are at and highlights of the women's sabre are available at

Be aware though that the women's sabre highlights are a bit of a homage to their American winner and the US of A ;)

Gangsta G
-5th November 2006, 19:56
The one of Jo is awesome. All sabre fencers should watch it for a great example of how to truly annihilate an opponent!

-21st November 2006, 01:06
None of the links above work anymore :(