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-10th September 2003, 11:55
one of the rivets that holds the bib onto my LP mask has broken - is it possible to get this fixed? If so, is it going to cost me?

-10th September 2003, 17:32
You can buy rivets and a rivet gun at a hardware store and do it yourself.

You could also reattach the bib some other way. An armorer around here does it with a hot-glue gun but in my experience that doesn't last very long and is, at best, a stopgap that can get you through a competition or two. Another solution is sewing with something stronger than typical thread such as dental floss.

You could also ask around and see who does armoring in your area and see if they have a rivet gun and find out what they charge to do the repair for you.

-B :)

-10th September 2003, 21:31
Short answer as oiuyt say yes you can fix this use 3.2 mm rivets long reach 9mm with a couple of washers either side to spread the load. Depending on location you're probably best to put the rivet head on the inside of the mask. If you don't fancy doing it yourself try the armoury at a major open or if you're in Kent or South east try getting in touch with Peter and Janet Huggins

YeOlde Armourer
-10th September 2003, 23:55
you can also use a binding post that just screw together or go to a local hardstore a get a copper rivet and washer and pound the rivet flat with a hammer.

Tim Loomis

www.yeoldearmourer.com:f16_plain :tank:

-11th September 2003, 01:01
What is a binding post? Description please.

YeOlde Armourer
-17th September 2003, 00:52
ANy stationey store should have them they are used to hold loose leaf paper together.

Tim:f16_plain :f16_plain :harrier:

Barry Paul
-17th September 2003, 07:28
If you see us at a Competition I have some rivets in my tool box, or bring it to our retail shop (not on saturdays) or send by post.

Which rivet is it the two part rivet or the one part rivet. we can also send a rivet for you to fix. Barry paul

-17th September 2003, 08:44
That's great Barry, thanks. I'll have to check which rivet it is - its certainly in two parts now!

Is there a list of which competitions you are at? I had a quick look through your website and couldn't see one.

Shaolin Monkey
-7th October 2005, 10:08
On Tuesday, the rivet holding part of one of the velcro straps for my xchange mask came off in training, isthis a common problem, I was about to buy a new bib for it but am not sure as to whether I should buy a new mask or just the bib and repair the rivet. The mask is about 15 months old which I think is too early for a full replacement but the bib is definately on its way out. If it is any help, the rivet was one of the ones holding the left earpiece down and also the back strap.

-7th October 2005, 12:39
I had velcro pull off the rivets inside mine too. Fixing it was simple, just a few minutes to sew the velcro back onto the mesh was all. ;)

Shaolin Monkey
-17th October 2005, 09:30
Bought arivet gun on saurday, but the smallest rivet was too big. does anybody know how small the gaps in the mesh are so I can get some that are the right size.

-17th October 2005, 19:20
A reasonable repair that almost any fencer should be able to do is to get a machine screw and a LOCKNUT. Not a regular nut but a locknut. And the screw should be long enough to just get beyond the locknut. Put the locknut on the inside. If the screw length is just right it should not scratch you but you could always cover it with some tape.

The washers are a good idea to help distribute the load and prevent pull through.

If you do use one piece pop rivets it is very important to use the correct backing plate. A pop rivet tightened against mask mesh is quite likely to pull through and not last. You should get the backing plate at the same place you get the pop rivet to make sure they are compatible.

The best type of machine screw is called a binder head screw. Cheese head screws or round head screws are also good. Best to get stainless, they will cost a little more. If it is the rivet at the front corner of the bib that is gone, it would be better to get a four mm diameter screw, three mm screws should be all right for the other rivet locations.

You should also check the rivets on your mask every time you use them. I have seen several masks, some less than two years old, where the aluminum pop rivet has corroded all the way through and failed.

Shaolin Monkey
-1st November 2005, 12:29
Just got some rivets through the post from Barry, Cheers.