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-10th September 2003, 12:09
I'm thinking about getting new jacket and breeches and I wondered what the Negrini kit is like.

I live in the south east, so I can easily visit Blades, duellist and LP to look at their stuff and try it on, but I'd have to trust your expert opinions if I went for negrini. Any thoughts?

-12th September 2003, 08:13
Negrini Rocks!

My wife has Negrini 350N kit that has lasted her well over 4 years now: she fences 3-4 times per week and is active competitvely here as well.

I have the 800 N kit and have had it for a year now.
Mine is still as good as new and the only complaint with my wife's is that it is now starting to become slightly discoloured.
The 800 N kit is 'all stretch' and is very similat to the 'all stretch' All Star 800 N kit, but is considerably cheaper (about 100 euro)...

The 800 N kit is not too heavy, but I find it provides very good protection. The jacket is also lined with a towelling material that absorbs sweat very well.

I am VERY happy with it...

I also use Negrini body wires. These are very sturdy although tricky to fence when they do need repair (this happens very seldom and my foil body wire has never needed repair after 3 years).

-15th September 2003, 11:56
I'd say that was a pretty positive review! I've only had my LP 350N kit for a year or so and I've already had to take a needle and thread to the breeches in order to protect my 'inguinal' region.

Has anyone ordered from Negrini UK? What's the service like?

-15th January 2007, 04:27
What do you think about Negrini extra electric sabre guard?
And is there any heavy guard, blade and pommel?