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-10th September 2003, 13:37
The World Veterans' Championships were held in Limoges last week and the British team collected eight medals: 2 gold and 6 bronze.

Simon Hartley won the over 60s men's foil and Peter Baron won the over 60s sabre, beating last year's champion by 1 hit in the final.

Full British results:



Over 50: 7 Jim Philbin, 14 Franck Mills, 22 Brian Causton, 27 Geoff Silverman
Over 60: World Champion Simon Hartley, 7 Malcolm Fare, 18 Alfred Ault, 30 David Sweeney


Over 50: Bronze Ralph Johnson, 8 Ian Worthington, 10 Jonathon Stanbury, 11 Steve Lavington
Over 60: Bronze Malcolm Fare, 11 William Osbaldeston, 17 SImon Hartley, 22 Edward Gray


Over 50: 5 Andy Bournemisza, 9 Richard Cohen, 12 Richard Bonehill, 15 Jim Philbin
Over 60: World Champion Peter Baron, 9 Malc Cawton, 13 Dennis Ward, 24 Dennis Hunt



Over 50: Bronze Clare Halstead, 7 Hilary Philbin, 16 Janet Pearson, 23 Sylvia Earl
Over 60: Bronze Janet Cooksey, 7 Sylvia Brown, 9 Diane Austin, 14 Ann Cornwall


Over 50: Bronze Clare Halstead, 9 Kate Elvin, 19 Sheila Wicks, 21 Fiona Haldene
Over 60: Bronze Janet Cooksey, 12 Diane Austin, 13 Ingrid Cambridge, 15 Sylvia Brown

-10th September 2003, 23:35
thank you !!! Why don't we see many vet results on BFA web site, I wonder ????

-12th September 2003, 10:21
And Richard Bonehill (MS) and Bill Osbaldeston (ME) both from Truro! yay...Another Truro fenecer, Jenny Osbaldeston, was also picked but had to pull out for keyhole surgery on her shoulder...ouch.

The BFA have put up a page, and all the team members had a letter from Keith S wishing them luck, which I think is a nice touch.

-13th September 2003, 10:09
...only what I have come to expect from him.....
But I didn't see anything about the Europeans - the secretary of our region and club won the over 60 sabre - Carol Wengraf - in Moscow, and I don't remember seeing anything about that.........

-13th September 2003, 11:07
Somebody needs to send the information to BFA for them to publicise it (just as with any other competition results), as I presume the staff there don't have time to find the information for themselves (although www.european-veterans-fencing.com ) shouldn't be too hard to find ;)

-13th September 2003, 11:23
Thanks for that - and the saddest thing, having just looked at the site, is that no one knows that GBR was the country/nation that won the most medals. Scandalous. Surely this was an officially selected team, and so one could expect someone would post the results??? What an opportunity for press coverage lost, let alone letting BFA membership know...............:(

Was it because some of the "big names" weren't there or didin't win??

Got to do better next time - as far as making the results known and celebrating success for everyone: crinklies as well as littlies, as well as those the general public would expect to be of "sporting ability age".